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I need to increase my protein intake due to having PPROM in my last pregnancy. Which protein powder is the best? Something that is organic, all natural and has no hormones or artificial sweetners (not even stevia). Im open to whey as well as plant based.

Any recommendations? Thanks!
Hi fitpharma. The protein powder I prefer (PlantFusion Vanilla Bean) contains sweeteners, so that won't work for you. I just wanted to caution that as you look for protein powders, be aware that many popular mainstream protein powders have tested positive for heavy metal (lead) contamination in a recent study. Google it and you will be able to see which brands are safe and which are not.

Honestly, while I do still use protein powder, the contamination issue has really made me rethink my reliance on protein powder. My first baby was IUGR so I had to eat LOTS of protein later in my pregnancy, and I found that it was actually pretty easy to do using real foods. I would eat lots of eggs, greek yogurt, and be creative with my meals, like a grilled chicken salad for breakfast (sounds gross but it was yummy!). There are also often overlooked foods like quinoa, sprouted grains, lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds that can really boost your protein consumption.

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!
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Hi fitpharma,

The brand I use is Tera's Whey. I buy the Organic Bourbon Vanilla Whey Protein one, which is great. However, it has stevia in it.

Tera's Whey has a plain version that does not have any sweeteners in it at all. It's organic and made with all natural ingredients.

12oz Organic Plain Whey Protein


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Thank you for the replies. I will look up the brands suggested as well as the research on lead. Thanks so much!
I think you must consult your gynaec first prior you consume any protein powder. All the protein powder with a specific brand need not be healthy for the foetus. It can be harmful. I would recommend to discuss with your doctor or experts before you have any which was recommended by someone who doesn't have any much idea about it.

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