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Evening Cathe Crew,

Not sure if you could tell me this yet or not, but wanted to know if we would have to pay extra for the premix downloads when they become available?

I ordered 2 downloads last year thinking that everything on the dvd was going to come with the download.

Right now, I'm sticking with the dvd versions because of that, which I'm fine with.

Not sure if you can share any of that information at this point.

Thanks for your time :)

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Premixes are not video. Instead they are a computer script that tells your DVD player what to play. Premixes will currently only work on a DVD player. The Workout Blender will make premixes possible, but we're not ready to release any further details at this time.


But shouldn't it be possible for you to simply make a download of the various premixes possible, so that someone who bought the download of a DVD could also get those as well?

SNM Videos


No, you cannot simply turn a premix into a download. The only way to turn a premix into a video would be to re-edit the original DVD. This would be very time consuming and I doubt many people would be willing to pay for the premixes. We think the WB is a better way.

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