I know I have only been home for 3 days, but I am missing my road trip friends and working out live with Cathe. I wish I could have met and gotten to know all of you. The one good thing about coming home is the renewed commitment to continue working on improving my own fitness levels. I want to carry this momentum on for a long time. I keep looking through the pictures that are being posted on FB and trying to remember names. It was a pleasure to have worked out with each of you. So until the next road trip - Keep those workouts coming!!!



Jean, I understand EXACTLY how you feel! I miss having 104 other Cathletes (and Cathe!) doing my workouts with me each day. But you're right - I have even more of a drive now to push through the hardest parts of my workouts and to keep the improvements coming. I wish I had been able to meet everyone and get to know everyone better, but there is only so much time during that action-packed weekend. So glad to have had the chance to experience this past weekend with everyone!


I completely agree with how both of you feel. I was so depressed on the ride home. It was so cool though when I put in my STS disc the next day and I was like, hey I was there! Definitely motivated me! I'm hoping there is another road trip planned real soon.



I hear ya, Jean. I have them bad too. It went too quick, I think it should be a RT week. I had so much fun and nothing compares to working out live with Cathe. I plan on visiting her gym in the fall when the kids are back at school.

Anyway, we do have the new workouts to look forward too. And after getting a taste of them this weekend....I cannot wait. These are just want I need, so hopefully we get our paws on these by the end of summer...YIPPEE!!!

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