Portable North Pole


The Christmas tradition thread got me thinking about this and I wanted to share.

There is a fabulous site called www.portablenorthpole.tv. It asks several questions about your child (or an adult if you choose) ie what behavior they have been working on, Hair color, age, pet name, what they want to Christmas, etc. There is the opportunity to upload a few photos and one of the gift they want. The result is a video of Santa with a personalized message to your child that is unbelievable. DD has watched her video at least 10 times. The fact that Santa knows so much about her really has her towing the line this holiday season. Not so bad for Mom either. ;)
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My husband did this or something like this for my son last year I think it was. He was tickled pink by it and absolutely believed it was really Santa sending him a message!!:D


We did it for my 5 year old. It was great last year and even better this year. My DD shows it to every person that comes to our house!


THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! I just did it with my son and he watched the video totally in shock and awe that Santa knew sooo much about him!

Going to share it with all of my friends!!!

Merry Christmas!


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