Percentage of calories from fat?


I know the commonly accepted standard is to get about 30% of your calories each day from fat. Does anybody strive for less? Do you like to eat that way regularly, or do you do it just to try to lose a little extra weight?

Just as an average, I stay pretty close to the 30% mark, though sometimes higher... especially on dessert day. :9 I want to do less.... but I don't want to make the sacrifice! :p
I have stayed between 10 and 20% for about 2 months now. I have dropped a lot of extra water weight and some fat. I feel much better eating this way and I have a lot more energy. I have just started P90X for the 1st time and the increased energy has helped tremendously. Plus, my recovery time is better, too!

I stay around 20 or 30 percent. I find that is what I need to get a healthy balance of good fats in my diets. I am a Vegan so all my fat comes from things like flax or hemp seeds. Since it is all good sources of fat I do not worry about it. Plus I have found if I start cutting my fat down lower I do not feel as healthy.

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