Peloton Spin Workout App


You have got to try this app! My sister just bought a Peloton spin bike and has been raving about the spin workouts. I have a plain Jane Sunny bike, and should use it more. I find most spin workouts to be boring and repetitive, so I don't do them. Anyway, I was curious so I searched for these workouts in iTunes and I found an app. I downloaded it for free and tried out the free 14-day trial. I just finished Jessica's Ride of Shame, and it was SO much fun! The music was awesome, she was explicit (yet motivating), and it was just 45 minutes of pure torture (I mean fun). The Peloton workouts are designed to be used on the Peloton bikes, so my sister just explained what it means when the instructor says tension 25=about no tension, 35=a little tension, 45=getting hard, 50=hard, 60+=super hard. That helped me to know how to set my tension. I have a ways to go to keep up with the instructor, but I am drenched nonetheless. If you've done these workouts, or if you give them a try, let me know how you like them.

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