Paul Katami DVD set


I have two of his workouts and I really like them. They are different than Cathe's workouts. I think one of them (Hollywood Bootcamp 4x4) is about as advanced as Cathe. The other one I have is Burn & Build and I felt it was even more advanced than Cathe workouts. Very challenging. Though I really like both if his workouts, I still prefer Cathe. But his DVDs are a nice way to mix things up. I plan to try more of his workouts.
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there are 8 workouts that are 45-50 minutes in length and 2 workouts that are 30 minutes when your shorter on time.


3 payments of $39.99, the usual deal. The website is pretty extensive. There are loads of snippets of video to watch, but I didn't find any that actually show a workout in progress. Did anyone else?

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I've been eyeballing these. I have two of his kettlebell workouts and love them. The KB workouts of his are harder than they look. I just don't have time, for these. 2014 is planned already, with STS starting yesterday, then P90X after that. Then marathon training so the running mileage really kicks up.

Not enough days in my week......



I want this one so badly. :eek: I'm trying to hold out a little while due to over doing it with Christmas this year with the kids. Ahem, need to re-fill the money coffers. ;) I also would like to hold out until I see more clips but dang, I love everything I have of Paul's. I even raved about his Bootcamp 4x4x2 on here several months back. It is SUCH an awesome, effective workout! I'm thinking these workouts are going to be similar to that and his original 4x4 Bootcamp.

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