P90X 2 what do you think?

I loved P90X but X2...not so much. I got terribly bored by the third month that I just quit doing it. I prefer more traditional strength training (like P90X) and while X2 had a lot of variety and unique moves, I did not feel any improvement in strength other than my core which is called into play with almost every move. I also felt at a disadvantage by not having ALL the equipment he used and had to modify way more than I like to. For example, the X2 pull up bar has multiple hand placement options while I only have a straight bar. That made it impossible to do certain pull ups that required parallel (palm facing palm) hand placement. Many strength moves required so much core strength stabilization that it made it impossible to go heavy (ie. holding plank on stability ball while doing one arm tricep kickbacks). Also, some moves seemed downright dangerous like plyo push ups with your hands on med balls:eek: I did not like the X2 yoga workout nearly as much as the original YogaX however the plyo workout, foam roller workout and ab ripper X2 were pretty good.

I may revisit the workouts once I'm done with my latest round of STS and see if my opinion changes. Sometimes it can take a couple tries before I click with a workout.

Hope that helps!
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I really thought X2 was tough! I enjoyed it though and lost about 5 lbs. I bought the pull up attachment and was happy with it as it made the various pull-ups/chin-ups much more doable. A couple of moves in these workouts I could not really master like the one legged burpee while using a med ball...Yikes! But my core really strengthened and I know my balance improved. I liked the X2 yoga so much better than the original P90X yoga workout. The original yoga seems so be so repetitive. With X2 yoga I was actually able to do the "crane"...pose and that was awesome. I do miss traditional weight workouts which is why I am back to STS. But I will visit X2 again because I have always felt different type workouts are always a plus for you...:)
i'll actually be doing p90x2 in about a month. I'm doing a p90x and p90x2 rotation. I got GREAT results from doing p90x. So i'll be doing a month of p90x then a month of x2...etc, etc...so i'll c how that goes.....i know this may not have helped but i'll let u know how it goes and get back to this thread....lol:)

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