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For those of you who watched the Oscars (or at least the "red-carpet"), I'm constantly amazed at how thin stars can get. I wonder how they do it- even if I dieted and worked out hard, I still don't think I could get to the point where the bones in my back were visible- and I'm small framed to begin with. Do they have special "skinny" genes? But even Jennifer Aniston was "heavier" years back.

It's sad too, because some stars, like Renee Zellwegger and Jennifer Connelly look so pretty when they're at a "normal" weight. It's disappointing to admire a star, and then see her fall into that whole Hollywood thin trap. I thought it was great that Renee Z. gained 15 lbs for "Bridget Jones Diary", only to lose like 30 lbs afterwards!

Sorry about my ranting- I guess I read too much "People" magazine! :)
I watched the red carpet too. Some of those stars really did look too thin. Their heads look too big for their necks. If we think we feel pressure to be thin, just imagine the pressure they must feel. I imagine some are naturally thin, but others must really deprive themselves of food. How can they endure it? I don't know. Maybe some get pills from their doctors or use cocaine to kill their appetites. Or maybe they don't. I try to focus on their dresses and hair instead.

Some of their hair looked so awful--think Uma Thermon, Cameron Diaz. But others looked great. I really liked Julia Roberts hair. To me, that is the way to do the messy look.

I loved Halle Barry's dress the best!

Here is my 2 cents guys - I think a lot of singers are in the same boat as actresses. Thin. A big reason why I think they stay thin is that they are constantly on the go. Mostly moving for most of the day. I sit behind a desk and when I got a desk job I gained. I think some have people cook for them. They have personal trainers that push them to work out so they are probably doing the right workout and staying motivated. If I was on TV every week I would get my workouts in no matter what. Some workout late at night. It must be stessful though. It is easier to keep weight down when you are more active in the day. Guess I picked the wrong profession.

Halle's dress was the best!!!!!!!!
They are under great pressure to be thin....let's face it, the camera adds pounds.

I am encouraged by Marcia Gay Harden (is the spelled right?) who is in "The Education of Max Bickford" and is NOT skinny-skinny. She won an oscar last year (I think) and she was there and looked pretty darned good.

This is my chance to say, since I brought up Max Bickford, that I like Richard Dryfuss! I'm sure I butchered his name.
Saw highlights on the news... Jennifer Connelly and Gwyneth Paltrow looked AWFUL! I hardly recognized Gwyneth... what was with that dress??? Jennifer Connelly's dress looked tatterred (sp?) and just hung there on her. And Cameron Diaz... did she just roll out of bed and go to the show? Yikes!

Gee, this is fun! :)

I thought Jennifer Connelly's dress looked like it was drooping--like it might fall down. And why such a pale color when she has such striking coloring--why not red or purple?? I thought both the color of Julia Roberts' hair and Nicole Kidman's was garishly red (my TV??)ala Lucy and the most elegant dressers were Sharon Stone, Halle Berry and Sissy Spacek, in that order. I bet Halle Berry and Sissy Spacek are just naturally tiny, and Berry's curves are from heaven or genes or both. I think Sharon Stone had to work to get back in shape after some health problems, but I thought that black dress just created curves for her. Lots of opinions!!
Well, I'm sure a FEW of those actresses are thin (Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate), but some of those others like Lara Flynn Boyle, Calista Flockhart, and Helen Hunt were not that skeletal in the beginning of their careers when they were virtual unknowns and competition was more fierce.

There was an article in the Los Angeles Times about this personal trainer who set up his gym in a hotel to help some female stars (including Sissy Spasek) lose weight in 6 weeks prior to the Oscars because "the camera adds 10 lbs" and they want to fit into "impossibly tiny dresses" or something like that. So, I doubt most of these actresses are naturally thin.

If you look at Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Connelly's arms, even though they're very thin, they have muscle tone. We know you can't build muscle definition by starving.

I think most have to really work at it.
I'm sure we'd all have toned looking arms if we had no bodyfat like they do! I think us average gals have muscles, just some fat covering them (even a small layer can hide those muscles!). I just think it's gross (my personal opinion) when you can see the bones in the upper body- Jennifer Connelly and Rennee Z. being perfect examples. It doesn't look feminine to me. I think Halle Berry has a great, healthy looking figure (although I'm sure she works very hard for it!).

I know this is kind of a gossipy topic (although I'm still fascinated by celebs!), but it still amazes me at the body image problems they deal with and the competition. I mean, if I even go 5 hours during the day without eating something, I automatically get a bad headache. How can they not eat much, work very long days, AND workout?? Don't they get headaches too? IS there some secret we don't know about (besides personal chefs, trainers, nutritionists,...? :)
I think they look older when they get that skinny...even tv celebs like the girl in Frazier, alyssa milano looks like she lost more weight (she has muscles though ) but her face has aged rather quickly...and their necks look a bit ugly.
This is kind of related....

The other day, I was chit chatting with my co-worker about how funny I thought it was that Christy Brinkley (???) was doing the infomercials for TotalGym.

I can totally see where her body looks more attractive to a man than mine does but she looks far from toned, athletic, etc.

When I was at my skinniest, I felt vulnerable (like I couldn't defend myself against an attacker) and wimpy when doing "manual labor" (like hauling sandbags). I didn't like that feeling at all.

To sum up: I would love to see my body looking good in a bikini one day again, but I'll take this body over some skinny-untoned actress's body any day. I'm sure anyone doing Cathe's workouts should feel proud too.

It kind of amazes me to come here and read all the put downs about thin bodies. I thought the idea was that all sizes and shapes are beautiful? Isn't that what is supposed to be "politically correct" these days?
I guess I'm a tad sensitive to the issue when I hear (read) someone saying that thinness is gross and bones showing is ugly. Some people are just naturally built that way, just as some are naturally pudgy.... (I don't want to offend, but you get the comparison I'm trying to make).
Would it be any different if this thread were about how fat and out of shape someone was?
Jeanne :)
I agree that if someone is naturally thin, that's fine- that's how you are. Some people are bony, some aren't. But I saw a very noticeable difference in Jennifer C. and Renee Z.- they had nice, but not emaciated looking bodies before (I actually thought they looked fit and healthy) and then at the Oscars, they showed up sooo much thinner. It was just a disappointment. Didn't mean to offend anyone- all bodies are beautiful, it's just HOW they get that way that bothers me. And it also bothers me that growing girls think that's what the "perfect" body is, which is ridiculous.
Isn't Halle Berry diabetic? Or am I thinking of someone else. Seems to me, she has always had to be extremely careful about her diet/exercise because of that.

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