Organic coffee?


i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good organic coffee? The choices at the supermarket are pretty limited. I'm looking for anything ground (not pods). Thanks!


I have ordered from this website:

Just depends on what you like. They have a great selection, and samples are available.

Amazon also has a good selection of organic coffee.
I have also bought organic coffee from Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's. Nice resource, if you have one in your area.

One of my favorites: Kick Ass, by Kicking Horse Coffee
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I feel so lucky to live in a place where local roasters using fair trade beans abound.
One of my favorites: Kick Ass, by Kicking Horse Coffee
Glad to hear you enjoy this one. It's pretty local/British Columbia!
This one is fantastic as well (Heart of Darkness blend is my fave with a hearty brunch), although being the coffee lover that I am, I always recommend going with something more local. It tastes better when it hasn't been on the shelf for more than week or so and the eco footprint (shipping) is much less.


I am a huge fan of Fresh Roasted Coffee (I know, not the most creative name). I've tried several varieties since some friends told me about it a couple years ago and they've all been great. I buy whole beans via amazon, but they also have a website for direct orders. They're USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and Rain Forest Alliance certified. It's also a really great price!

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