I've been watching the Olympic trials for the last few weeks and I am ready for them to start.

I really like watching gymnastics, track and field and swimming.

I can't really think of a favorite athlete right now but I'm rooting for everyone to do well.

Does anyone else watch the Olympics? If so which events do you watch? Any stand out athletes that you are waiting to see?

Ebony :)


I have not been watching very closely thus far, although I do have a couple of friends who are trainers/coaches with the Canadian Track & Field (renamed Athletics) events, so I will be tuning in to cheer them on. I love to watch indoor race walking! Personally, I like to watch a little bit of everything, but my faves are probably table tennis, court volleyball, & canoe (sprint) due to my own activity in these sports. Disappointed that windsurfing will not be featured this time. Women's golf will probably be interesting. I like golf, I'm just not very good at it! I like watching weightlifting too, but it makes me nervous! I feel my neck & ankles flinch just watching it at times.



I haven't been able to watch too much of the trails. I love watching the gymnastics the most. I also like watching the diving, volleyball, and weight lifting.


Oh yes, gymnastics! I took classes for a few years as a kid. Ballet and tap dance too. I always loved gymnastics. I also want to see how Michael Phelps does. We try to watch water Polo as well because my husband's cousin is the coach! I love hearing the personal stories too. Such dedication, determination and sacrifice. Inspiring all the way around.


I heard that Kathy Smith's (remember her) daughter, just qualified for the olympics. I'm with you, Ebony: Gymnastics, Track & Field and Swimming.
In the Winter I love all types of skiing, and the ice skating.

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