Old Cathe videos? Should I?


I was wondering, did anyone else start with the Cathe's newer workouts, like Rhythmic Step, CTX, and work there way backwards? Were you disappointed? Are Step Max, Step Heat too easy for you? Thanks!
I did not work my way backward and am very glad that I started off with Cathe from the get-go with her first step tapes. But if you are thinking about going back to buy, I don't think you will be disappointed with Step Max, which I pull out regularly for a really good workout--especially the final section which is an all-out high impact fest. Step Heat is pretty easy for me now, but it's still a good workout, and nice to do on a lighter day. Not so much impact. It also has a great abs section at the end. I think what might be hard is for beginners to 'apprentice' with CTX All-Step or Step Intervals because while several of the moves are familiar for oldtimers, who then just have to add on some new Cathe-stuff, they are novel for newbies and she doesn't break things down as much on these shorter tapes. I'm sure it just takes a bit more time, but I really liked CTX because I felt like half the learning was already done and I could get right into the intensity.
That is so true! My first into to Cathe was CTX. I had no clue what a Ricochet was so I just had to dive on in. Now in the older videos (I have the Cardio Hits DVD) when she breaks down an up and back or an over facing over, I can just give it intensity right away! That is why I thought Step Max or Step Heat might be fun. Thanks for the info on the old videos. If Cathe and SNM put her older ones on a DVD, I'll be the first in line to get it! P.S. What type of choreography is in the last section of Step Max? Thanks!

I don't know Step Max at all. I have Step heat which I only do if I have had a break from exercise for several months and need to get back into working out again. It is very useful for that purpose. After that, it does not challenge me and gets a little tired because a lot of time is spent teaching a very basic move and when you can do CTX already, this is not necessarily what you need or want. In comparison, it will not seem stimulating. I also bought recently Step Jam and was disappointed. I found it a bit dated. Sorry Cathe!! Again, it's the problem of a lot of time spent teaching and practicing over and again a basic move, basic, that is, if you are already used to CTX and more recent videos.

If you are looking for a slightly easier tape for days when you have a little less energy, I have always found Step Fit to fit the bill. It has bits where you really fly, others where you take a breather and you can choose or not to add a few more hops to make it more intense or just step up for an active rest moment. I like the music, it gives me energy, so I recommend it as a medium intensity Cathe step video.

Also Rythmic Step, although a new release, is actually not as intense as some of Cathe's recent Body Max type bust-a-gut routines!!! It is delightful, it's pitched just right for advanced level who also wants to be able to breathe easily during the workout, sing along sometimes to the fab tunes and enjoy the creativity. I recommend that one also for days when you want to enjoy the feeling of your body moving easily and powerfully through space. I love it: can you tell?

Hope this helps

The final section of Step Max is a lot of power moves, a lot of impact with one short break before you repeat the sequence.
That Body Max kills! It's fun though, I like the first 30 minutes and surprise myself when I get through the circuits...one day I hope to finish through the weights as well. Is Step works anything likr Rhythmic Step?

I find Step Works o be quite a bit harder than Rythmic Step. It is divided into three sections like Powermax, and there is little let up in the first section. If I get through that, I always know I can finish the rest. The second section starts off with new foot patterns to learn, the pace is slower, it is not as intense, and then when you have learnt the footwork Cather throws you into repetitions of the routine following it with power 3's on each corner going around the world, and hop ups on each corner going around the world, then it's straight back into the routine on the other side again.

The third section is fast: footwork, then power at the end.

So, all in all, it's a more intense workout, faster paced, mre plyo moves involved. But, I really like it too and I always feel reayy proud of myself for finishing it and feeling trong rather than collapsed on the floor!!!

Good luck if you decide to buy it, Ihave never regretted it!

Thanks for answering everybody! I should have listed the ones I have. I own everything from Step Jam forward, but was wondering about Step Heat and Step Max. If they make a DVD of those, I'll have to get them. And for the record, I have never done all of Body Max at one time. But one can dream...

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