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As you can see it was 3 am when I originlly posted the update and apparently my brain already went to sleep. I forgot to mention that my husband and I decided upon a name for the baby. His name will be ERIC JONATHAN. We can't wait to meet baby Eric in person



Great name! I think we are naming our baby Conor James(the middle after a granddad!) I was wondering about your depression period...I just start showing more and instead of hearing "wow, you don't even look pregnant", I hear, "you"re definately showing now"... I think I got a little down and was wondering if that is what you felt.
I too, could see indentations in my ankles from eatting sodium in Chinese food. No more of that for me!!!!!

Amy Steppe

Eric is a fine name

My husband's name is Erik -- he spells it differently -- but Eric Jonathan is a wonderful name.

I have always loved the name Eric, or Erik, or Erick, or however it's spelled, it's a beautiful, strong name.


What a fine name!


Not that it matters (tee-hee!) but I love your choice of names.....Eric Jonathan. Very strong and masculine and I'm sure he'll also be very handsome with you and Jon as his parents!

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Bev K. (BTW, gotta share this with you; as I was sitting at my girls' gymnastics class looking at the pictures taken over the weekend, I came upon the one of you and I together and a lady sitting next to me asked, "Oh, is that your sister?" Too funny!



I love the name Eric- It is my husbands name. He was adamant that we could NOT have a little Eric, so even though I have 2 boys, I was not allowed to choose that one- even for a middle name. I am very happy with their names- Alex and Kevin, but if I were to have a third boy, I just might have to go with Eric- I have run out of boys names- plenty of girls names left though!


New Member
That's my sons name : )

Although, he spells his Erick(short for Frederick, after his dad). He'll be 11 next month.
They grow up so fast.
Take care Cathe


Hi BLinda!

I have an Alex and an Evan, and if I'd had my way Evan would be Kevin. Since my maiden name is extremely Irish and my dad never had boys and loved the name Kevin, I lobbied hard for Kevin. But my husband stalled and dodged, and finally confessed that (a) he thought Kevin Shapiro sounded sort of ethnically challenged and (b) when he was a high school wrestling star his one and only loss was to a guy named Kevin. (I'm not sure I totally disagreed with him about point number one, but guess which reason was REALLY more important?????) So our second little guy became Evan instead!


I was laughing so hard...

When I read your reply. I shouldn't admit this, but Alex is really Evan Alexander, so actually, I have Evan and Kevin. Really, we wanted to go with Alex, but Alexander Evan didn't sound as good. I joke that if I have a third boy he will be Steven (I have a Devin problem, much like your husbands Kevin problem). Really, the Evan/Kevin thing is sort of a joke with us, since Alex only responds to Alex right now.
The ethic thing is funny- my parents said Kevin was too Irish a name for us- we are both no more than 25% Irish, probably less, but didn't say a word about Alexander being too Greek- of which neither of us can boast a drop of blood of Greek extraction. People have some pretty funny ideas on names. BLinda



You aren't gonna believe this --I had to be convinced myself. My sister-in-law's niece (her husband's niece, therefore no relation to me except that murky "by marriage" thing) had a baby this weekend. Guess what she named him?

Alexander Evan!

And my sister-in-law swears her niece had no idea my boys were Alex and Evan.

My Evan is Evan Harrison. My Alex is Alexander Joseph. We thought Joseph Alexander flowed better, too (similar to your thoughts), but we really wanted to call him Alex. I go by my middle name and have spent my entire life explaining that to people, so I wanted "Alex" to be his first name.

We spend so much time working this stuff out, don't we, and then they come up with their own nicknames! Currently Alex likes for his friends to call him Al, which I think sounds like a used car salesman you'd see on one of those cheesy ads on cable TV at 2:00 a.m. Meanwhile, Evan's friends are calling him Cheeto, which he solemnly advises us is his new "Spanish class" name...

P.S. -- we don't have a drop of Greek blood either -- or, for that matter, Welsh blood (Evan is the Welsh version of Sean, which is the Irish version of John.) My kids are nearly 50% Irish (from me on all sides of my family; I had one English great-grandparent and everyone else for three generations back is Irish) and from my husband's side they've got Russian, Polish, Hungarian, German and maybe a little else of this and that thrown in, too. In our household we say the dog's the only real purebred!

Enjoy your boys! Isn't Cathe in for a treat!?!?


Kathy S-That is just too funny!

I think there must be something in the air. Or maybe over the airwaves. Evan wasn't all that popular a name when we chose it, but we meet them everywhere. I can't be too surprised that Alex is popular, although it wasn't actually in the top 10 the year Alex was born.
Thank goodness he's too young for nicknames, although right now he does go by Alexo ( everyone ends in -o). Oh, and my husband was jealous ouf his brother who has a weird enough name that he never had a nickname in high school- Kuno (the third). Thank goodness we are not in that line because I would have refused. Talk about wishing for girls!! BLinda

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