Nutrition Page - Did not pay for and it is working


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Hi -
I was trying to navigate around (still learning) What I want is to buy the 9.99 membership of the nutrition softward, but I can't find the page to sign up that I found before. But what I did find is the actual working Nutrition page. Somehow I have access to the software and I know that I did not buy this in my sleep :) Is this just a glitch that will fix itself and then I can properly subscribe to try it out?

Please Advise

I think this will be a fabulous site, may very very unique features.

Thank YOU
I mentioned this yesterday. I did purchase it and I have access to other peoples information.

I really hope this is fixed quickly. :confused:

Once you purchase it, I think you will enjoy it. I have learned a lot about food choices from using it. :)

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