No Energy to Excercise!


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Hi Ladies,

I'm 16 weeks pregnant (first baby) and have no energy to excercise! Never have I encountered this problem pre-pregancy and it's starting to be depressing. I've read countless articles encouraging moms to be to remain active for a speedy delivery and recovery but even that is no motivation for me to shake the tiredness.

How were you motivated to get up and get moving?!




I wouldn't call it motivated! LOL!

I have just been forcing myself into it, although I confess that the exhaustion has really gone away...or at least lessened since my first trimester. (I'm 15 weeks now.)

I also had to move my workout time. I've been a morning person for years. But I found that I just can't get the energy to get going first thing anymore. So I've had to move it to the afternoon, which I hate, but I'm getting it done.

Just do what you can. If it's walking on a treadmill, then that's something! Maybe you're not up for cardio, then do weights. My perspective is that anything is better than nothing. And of course you know that once you do, you'll have a lot more energy.

Good luck, I fell your pain!


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For me, it was all about making keeping me sane throughout my pregnancy. I needed that rush after a workout to help keep my mind clear. There were many days when I did not want to do anything at all, but knew that I atleast could get a good walk in. On the days you have zero motivation..just get outside..breathe in the air and take a little walk.
I hope this helps!!


I'm exhausted this time around. At 8 weeks, I'm sick and super-tired, but I'm forcing myself to workout, even if I have to modify it (which I do) just to stay in the habit. It does help me to feel better when I workout, so I just force myself to get started.

But then again, maybe your body is trying to tell you something.



dont beat yourself up for not working out. Do what your body feels like it can do even if it is only a walk. Your body needs the energy to make that precious baby. just make sure you are eating well and do what you can. Trust me there is no sense in stressing about not working out. I worked out through out my pregnancy but there are some days you just need to rest.
It will still be there after you baby is born one day isnt going to make a difference



You might need to take it a little easy on yourself for now. Your energy will probably come during the 2nd trimester and then you can workout more. Listen to your body. Also you can tell yourself you're only going to do part of a workout or exercise for so many minutes and then if it boosts your energy you can finish the workout and if it doesn't and you're still really tired then stop and try again another day. Good luck!


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Just do what feels right. If you need to rest, by all means rest!! I have never been so tired in my life as when I was pregnant! The first pregnancy I suffered from severe nausea 24/7 until the end of the 5th month, and the second I literally could not stay awake. I fell asleep one day with my head on the dining room table during dinner! So I didn't exercise at all during either pregnancy except for walking and the occasional leisurely swim or bicycle ride. Both times I was back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level within 4 months. Cardio capacity returned within 2 months (not IMAXes, which I still had to modify, but all Cathe's other step workouts), maybe because pregnancy itself is such a cardio workout towards the end, LOL. Abdominal strength came back faster than I had expected, too. Weight came off very quickly the first time-- within 2 months, while the second time I wasn't as careful about my eating so it took 7 months. My first labour was very long and difficult (back labour), but I don't think more exercise beforehand would have helped from what the midwife said. The second time we almost had the baby in the car on the way to the hospital! She was born 15 minutes after we got there. Anyway, they recommend prenatal exercise but they also recommend getting as much rest as you need. Don't worry, you'll regain your fitness pretty quickly either way.

Edited to say: Oops, your question was how to motivate yourself to work out... Sorry, I don't have any good advice on that.

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