No comparison!


O.k. I've tried, really tried, to get into other workouts besides Cathe!! I Firmed exclusively for 7 years before venturing onto Cathe and now Cathe is all I do with the exception of some Mindy Mylrea.

It seems like other videos I try don't compare to Cathe's intensity, fun, music, cueing, etc., I guess there's no comparison in my opinion. Does anybody know of any other workouts that I might try that would be even close to Cathe?

I'm not complaining here, I *love* doing my Cathe vids, but just wanted to know of anything else that may be as good. Any ideas?

I like Gin Miller's Intense Moves and Extreme (either Step or Moves or something...the one with the turn drills and side-lying lat pushups in it).
Other than that, I pretty much stick to Cathe and some favorite Firms. Or workout with my husband which is always killer.
She's pretty tough, even when I go back to the gym for spinning it still isn't as hard anymore. I used to Firm and do body pump and spin before and when I ventured over to this board everyone kept saying her tapes were addictive. It's true! I don't have a lot of her workouts yet, but I haven't touched any of my firms since November! It's just so convenient to work out with the DVDs and S&H. I tried body max last week and I must be improving with choreography because the first time I tried that I gave up. I was using the Circuit max DVD for cardio in between my S&H days, and my cardio endurance has definitely improved.
I don't know what would match Cathe's stuff right now, intensity and production wise? It would be nice to know if anything else is out there. Meanwhile I like Kelli Roberts Ultimate step workout (music and production and choreography...though not as tough) The Firm SC and SS and FS (production) and Volume 1 (because I like it.)Bryan Kest's power yoga because of production, Bryan, and the workout fixes all my aches and pains.
I have to chime in here and say that Cathe rocks when other fitness instructors mearly snap their fingers to the music!!! She rules! And I love Keli Robert's Step too! It is a few years old now, but doesn't look dated and it is so fun!!! For intensity, fun, and work work work, however, nobody is like Cathe. I am telling the truth here - I have been doing Cathe's CTX for 1 month now and I have only looked at the clock once during a workout! It was during CTX Kickbox and I was so looking forward to the arm drills, that I glanced at the time during the kickbox. But nobody makes me feel just spent like Cathe does. I haven't tried any of the other tapes that you named, but they sound interesting. Okay, I'm done!
Hi! I can't help you on the intensity, but for similar levels of fun, music, cueing, etc. I would HIGHLY reccomend Christi Taylor. her production quality seems equal to Cathe's, and she is just as polished (very rare, I've also found!).
If you don't like choreography, though, Christi may not be for you. Her workouts are not as intense, but if you like to dance, they are just a blast!
Hi everyone - I used to do aerobics at a gym, but quit the gym because of inconvenience, so I decided to start investing in home videos. Based on a recommendation in a fitness magazine, I bought Kari Anderson & Jay Blahnik's Classic Step, as well as Gay Gasper (CIA 2104 - Greatest Step Workout Plus Perfect Body Conditioning). I had also been doing Buns of Steel 2000 (very easy now). I thought they were great workouts, challenging enough. Then I read about Cathe online, and I splurged on the Powermax video. WOW - now that's what I call fun, challenging, and not boring at all. I do it every Friday, and use the other videos during the week - as a 'break'.
I've found that since doing Powermax (about 10 times so far), Kari and Gay's routines are a breeze.

I'm ready to splurge on another Cathe video, because I too feel there is NO COMPARISON! Any suggestions which one to get?
I can relate to your post cuz I am the same way, I love Cathe's tapes more than any other tapes in the world!!!!!!!! I also love Mindy's tapes. But I second the poster who said you might like Christi. Her tapes are so much fun, and great for a day when you want a less-intense-but-still-great workout.

Also, Kristin Kagen's "Step This Way" video is quite comparable to Cathe in its intensity and choreography. It is really fun!

I had been firming since @ 1992 and nothing has reshaped my body like Cathe and Taebo. I have always enjoyed Cathe's Strength tapes but did not do her cardio because step is not my all time favorite. However i decided to try her earlier step tape, Mega Step Blast to try to get her "moves" down before getting her latest step tapes,I think I am going to like step. Now if she will just come out with another kickboxing tape, HINT, HINT!!!
You know what they say, crosstraining is the way to go.

Hi Kim,
If I remember correctly, Cathe has 4 new videos planned for this late summer and one of them suppose to be kickboxing, so you're in luck!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-03-02 AT 01:03PM (Est)[/font][p]Kim,
Have you previewed Cathe's Cardio Kicks? It's not exactly like the kickbox classes you take at a club, but it involves kicking, punching and looks so fun!!!! I ordered it last week so this is only going on what I've read. I have done CTX Kickbox and that is one of my all time favorites. If you are looking for a variety of Cathe tapes, I defininetly recommend the CTX series! Step, Kickbox, Hi/Lo and great weight work. Just a suggestion. You could also go to and read a review of Cardio Kicks, the reviews are pretty detailed. Have fun!
I have several other tapes that I did before I got into Cathe and they now seem so boring and dull and I don't get a good work out. Cathe is the BEST! Even when I go to the gym for a step class, which I don't do very often any more because it is boring. Like some of the others have said, I do a couple of my other tapes when I need a rest day because they are so dull.

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