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aqua girl

I'm gonna try and put up a poll regarding equipment you like to use in Cathe workouts, or would like to
see more of or added in future workouts. Just for fun!

Sorry, I tried to make the poll, but it would only let me put in 10 choices, I had 20+ to
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Well, I thought about both….but a second poll might get overlooked & seems like a bit
of a hassle, and I wanted to keep things on an individual basis, for example,1) stability
ball,2) med ball, 3)mini ball, not just Balls…… or 1) long flat band or fabric band, or
2) tubing 3) firewalker loop or boss loop, not just Bands….. oh well, nice to find that out, after I sit down and thought about it and wrote down everything!! :)

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