Needing help ridding fat layer


im 45 have faithfully workout for yrs. basically doing everything I'm suppose to. I don't eat junk either. In the last 6-8 months I've gained this cellulite layer of fat I can't get rid of. Please help
Nothing gets rid of subcutaneous fat and increases your BMR as well as high rep weight workouts done with a challenging weight. My suggestion is to do 3 months of high rep followed by STS. Cathe doesn't have too many high rep workouts. I supplement with Jari Love's first set and some of Power Music RIP series. You might like PUMP but I found it too intermediate and didn't care for the set or the instructors.

If you gain muscle mass easily, my suggestion won't work. You'll end up gaining muscle mass like a friend of mine found out the hard way.
Good Luck.

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