It's time for new videos and I am thinking Cristi Taylor 'Still Steppin' and Kristen Kagen 'Step this Way'. Does anyone have any info on these?? Of course I have all Cathe's, and I'm sure it's going to be a while before cathe comes out with new stuff. A while back I ordered Franny Benedetto and Jennifer Mills and didn't like either one of them.
I have both of them and have found them challenging and definitely worth the money. I am going to buy Taylor's new tapes as well, and this time I think I will try both her step and hi-lo. You can go to her site--I think it's and check out all of her tapes. I have the Stepping Zone, which I really used a lot for awhile (I am a bit tired of it), and Step Heaven, which I can only do parts 1 and 3 of, and then Still Steppin', which is definitely my favorite--more variety than the Stepping Zone with 2 complete combinations, and not impossible for me to do (unlike part 2 of Step Heaven). Kristin Kagen's tape has a lot of variety (2 sets of 3 combinations which she puts together, plus some intervals and abs), but you might find her voice a tad irritating. I also found the 5th combination too difficult to follow, but I have revised it for myself. I would give both of them A's--and Rhythmic Step, which I bought at the same time, an A++. Hope this helps!
I have heard great things about Step This Way, but I don't have it yet. They talk about it regularly on Many people have mentioned that it is very high impact, FYI.

I just did Still Steppin' (first 3 combos) this morning and loved it! I think it depends on what style of step you like. Christy's step is quite dancy, as opposed to Cathe's more athletic style. She uses good music, and has this way of singing her cues that I like. She teaches the moves very quickly--no waiting to move on while you practice endlessly.

Even if you didn't like them, they both sell immediately on the Firm Forum Swap Board, if they ever get back online....


I love Rhythmic Step because even though it has a huge variety of footwork, after one or two sessions, you have the moves down and you can then put some power beind the moves to up the intensity.

I bought the Kagen video and hate it. After two hours of constant re-wind, i could never figure out how she got on to a certain footing and it drove me crazy. It took me two hours to learn half the video, and I was so un-worked out by the end of it, I had tp put in Mylrea's Intervals and Pump Party to really get a workout. I find that if there is too much extremely fast choreography, the work out is less efficient because the moves do not allow you to put any "oomph" into them.

I ordered a Taylor video once, and promptly sent it back because there was just way too much "turn this way, turn that, spin round now, throw yourself through the window next" and it was too irritating for words. But, I figure, you are either a fan of that type of video or you are not. I am certainly not!!! Give me Cathe's Powermax over any of those! But maybe you are?

If you want to buy Kristin Kagen's video from me at discounted price, just let me know!!!

Hi Clare,

Thanks for the info.

It actually took me quite a few times to get Rhythmic Step. I know what you mean about the tapes that are too fast and also have somewhat complex choreography as well, I just don't have the patience. I have Intervals/Pump Party and that kind of workout is just perfect. I like advanced step tapes with moves that are more plyo and basic. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share.
Hi Clare!

I laughed out loud when I read your "turn this way, turn that, spin round now, throw yourself through the window next". It sounds like you and I are two birds of a feather (wait . . . no . . . that would mean we'd FLY through the window!). I, too, hate complex, ulta-dancey moves which don't seem to have much point to them! Gimme clean, concise, athletic power moves (i.e. Cathe) throughout the "meat" of the workout, and save the sashays, twirls and ballerina arms 'til the cool-down, when the job is done; at the point, I can take the time to really enjoy myself.

LOL I wholeheartedly agree!!!

That is too funny -- "twirls and ballerina arms..."!!!! Hehehehehe :-jumpy

My first Cathe was PMAX and I loved it. I was kind of scared at the time to try cathe because i get easily irritated by chatty instructors, but Cathe cues well without being annoying at all. I also like Ultimate step by kelli roberts, do you know of any other videos or instructors who might cue like these two or whose videos are similar?
I really like the Christi Taylor videos because they are so different from Cathe. First I work on learning the modified workout. I keep it interesting by slowly adding the dancier moves. I find her cueing great. By the time I learn the total routine, I find that I have much fun just doing it. Many times I will work on learning parts of new tapes on days when I want a less intense and shorter workout;days I am concentrating on weight work and just want a warm-up. Also, I really like the music on Christi Taylor's Still Steppin and Still Jumping Tapes. She uses popular music which is different than Cathe. And finally, I like her personality. She is not to talky or cutsie so you don't get tired of listening to her. Once you learn the routines it is hard to keep interest in tapes which break the moves down completely throughout the workout. Sometimes, a body just needs to cross train with other instructors...and when I come back to the Cathe workouts, they seem fresh again and I enjoy them all the more.

Hi Kiwi:

I really like also Karen Voight's "Energy Sprint". It is an interval workout and the time flies when I am doing it. She keeps the moves powerful because you have to use full range of motion and control rather than just flinging yourself over the step. It's another permament on my rotations, I never tire of it, worth every penny for me, the music is particularly motivating as each interval or Sprint begins, I just lose myself in the moves totally. Karen's cueing is great: Kagen annnoyed me beause there were so many moves to cue I felt like she was shouting at me the whole way through, but with karen I feel she is there with me, motivating me and I am not at all harrassed by her. She doesn't have to cue every single second of the tape! make no mistake, it is an advance workout. I have only done the weight training at the end once though, because after the long warm up, the leg exerises at the start, which are balletic and graceful and a nice alternative to Cathe's squats and lunges, and the forty minutes cardio, I am done. And I will always be doing Power Hour the next day anyway!

Try it!

I'm with you--I love it dancy! Give me Christi, Kari Andersen, etc. I prefer dancy over just intense. I was part of a drill team in high school, and love to learn tricky moves. But to each his own. I would definitely not recommend Christy Taylor to someone who doesn't like to dance and spin on the step.

Annabelle, as for the Firm Forum Swap Board, has several message boards, one of which is a swap board where you can sell or trade videos and equipment. However, the message boards are down at the moment while they upgrade their systems. They are supposed to be up and running around the beginning of April.

HTH, Brenda
Can anyone recommend step tapes similar to kelli Roberts Ultimate step? I really love the music in that that techno? It's nice and loud and matches the moves. Plus production was good too.

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