Need help with Cathe Live


I have previously used Cathe Live the day after the workout. Today, for the first time, I tried to do the workout live and had issues. I got on around 9:20, clicked on Live & Favorites and it had next week’s date rather than today’s. Clicking on that just told me to join on Thursday. Am I doing something wrong or was there an issue this morning? Thanks for any help.
Hi Bobby, it just sounds like you tried to view it before we started to broadcast live. We usually start broadcasting somewhere between 9:30 am and 9:40 am. Until the broadcast begins you will not be able to view anything.
Thank you for your help. I was thrown off by the date being April 1 (next Thursday) rather than March 25. I went into Roku, got into Cathe Live, clicked on Live & Favorites at the top, then saw the April 1 date. Let me know if I am doing anything wrong; if not, I will try again.

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