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I am getting really frustrated because I am working out a lot and not seeing results on the scale. I am currently doing 45-6 cardio days a week and intersperse some weight work with it. I have three Cathe videos, 2 Firm videos and some good K. Smith videos. I have The wedding Tape, circuit max, and rythmic step and from the firm "total body sculpting (tape 1) and Fat Blaster and then a bunch of K. Smith - Step tapes, Hi-Lo and upper and lower body weight work. I know I need to buy some of Cathe's weight work so I wanted to know which ones you would recommend and what I can do presently with what I have. I have thought of getting CTX and wonder if that would be enough to do weight work. I am obviously doing something wrong because the weight just isn't coming off (I took about 7 pounds off in the first five weeks and haven't lost a pound since!!!). I know I also need to keep better track of my calories. In my previous experience when I got the weight off, I did cardio 5-6 days a week and weight work 3x a week. Maybe I should just go back to that. Anyway, any advice would be so much appreciated. thanks, Sandy
Hi Sandy. If it were me, yes, I'd do what worked previously and see if it works again. And eat VERY clean! I've heard this quote from comedianne Caroline Rhea several times lately: "You can exercise till the cows come home. But until you clean up your eating, you'll still just be a cow coming home". LOL.

Also, about the CTX series. I love it for cardio, but I remember a couple of posts from Cathe re: the wt work. She said that you could maintain your strength with the series for 2-3 (or something like that). Here, I found the quote. "If you are just coming back to weights after a long time off, you will get more than maintenance from these 10 min. workouts. However, if you have been working out with weights regularly, then this 10 min per body part work out will provide enough stimulation to maintian your current strength for about two to three weeks." Maybe others have testimonials to the contrary, but, if it were me, I'd invest in another strength tape/series. Just my opinion. Which one is up to you and your goals I guess. I love them all. Apparently, the PS series is for muscular strength and S&H is for "premium muscular strength gains". MIS is for strength and endurance, PH for "ALL OUT muscular endurance, good posture and functional fitness while improving your muscle tone and strengthening your core region". These descriptions are from Cathe.

HTH. Robin.
Robin gave great advice. The things that help me most when losing weight are #1 clean eating. It just is what it its. #2 picking a group of videos and sticking to them for 4-8 weeks. I don't get results from doing different tapes day to day every week, but that's just me. Try this rotation if you like, it might help:
Sat. CTX Step Intervals/Chest/Shoulders (from All Step)
Sun. CTX Power Circuit Back/Biceps (from Kickbox)
Mon. CTX 10-10-10/Triceps/Chest (from Step Intervals)
Tue. CTX All Step/Shoulders/Back (from Power Circuit
Wed. CTX Kickbox/Biceps/Triceps (from 10-10-10)
Thu. Leaner Legs
Fri. Rest
I got good results from doing this amount of cardio and doing each body part twice a week for 4 weeks. But my results would have been great had I cleaned up my eating. Hope this helps!
hi jilly, i have seen you post this rotation before and was wondering if you think it's enough work for the legs because they are only getting worked once with leaner legs? i have been considering this rotation but breaking up leaner legs throughout the week. any thoughts? thanks
Well don't forget CTX Power Circuit. I use a 35 lb. barbell for this and always feel it in my legs the next day, so I consider that a leg workout. But here is a suggestion:
Sat CTX Step Intervals Chest/Shoulders
Sun CTX Power Circuit Back/Biceps
Mon CTX 10-10-10 Triceps/Chest
Tue CTX 1/2 of All Step and the circuits from Body Max or the step and kickbox circuits from CTX Power Circuit/Shoulders
Wed CTX Kickbox Biceps/Back
Thur CTX Leaner Legs/Triceps
Fri Rest
Sat CTX Step Intervals Chest/Shoulders
Sun CTX Leaner Legs/Triceps
Mon CTX Kickbox Back/Biceps
Tues Any all cardio video
Wed Power Hour or MIS
Thur Any all cardio video
Fri Rest
This hits each group twice a week. I like to keep my workouts around an hour, so that's why I said only do 1/2 of All Step, but that is just me. Hope this helps. Have fun!!!
Just a quick note. I've been working out with cathe, firms, running for years. I gained 20 lbs over 5 years, anyway, because of my eating. I just recently joined ww and have lost 9 lbs. in 6 weeks. For me the whole difference is keeping track of what I eat. I'm working out just as much - maybe a little more since may energy level has actually increased with the weight loss. Good luck in all you do!
Hi Sandy,

A similar comment to Lynn's - that I've been a regular exerciser (mostly aerobics) for 10 years faithfully, and could never lose weight, in fact I gained 10 pounds over the last 10 years (since I got married). I was one frustrated woman.

I finally was able to lose 20 lbs last spring/summer - by cracking down & being very aware of everything I put into my mouth. I had been fooling myself into thinking that if I was exercising regulary that I could eat whatever the hec I wanted!

Recently I bought a nutrition guide book, that tells you the calories, fat grams, fibre, protein, etc, and I am mortified at the calorie/fat content of some of the foods that I used to eat regularly (eg. Big Mac - 570 calories, 32 grams of fat; Dunkin Donuts apple fritter - 300 calories, 14 grams of fat - not to mention pizza, chocolate bars, muffins). I had NO idea how many calories I was eating. I've also started to track my calories online ( and I'm just amazed how fast the calories can add up without realizing it through the day. It really helps you be aware of what you're eating, as much as I hate keeping track!

But now that I'm much more aware of the nutritional value of the foods I eat, I've been able to maintain my weight for almost a year, but it's a daily struggle, and I do allow myself treats but in moderation.

Sorry for rambling, but I just feel so strongly that what you eat is the key to successfully losing/maintaining your weight, and of course exercise helps too with many extra benefits!
Hi there,

I need to chime in here too and support susan-lynn's post.

It's really accurate what she is saying. I remember about 2 + years ago, I was only exercising for about 4 months and only lost 2 pounds. I was so frustrated that I almost gave up to accept my destiny.

Then I did the exact same thing. I journaled and tracked what I was putting into my mouth. You want to talk about getting an education, OH MY! I was shocked, I was embarrassed, I was appalled, I was sad. But it did give me the tools and it did really and honestly (for the first time) made me take accountability for my choices.

I started making changes to my diet, slowly. I didn't want to shock myself into failure. I started experimenting on what things worked well for me. I figured out what would make me successful. I found that I needed three little rules and that was it. I've lost over 80 pounds and have increase my physical endurance beyond when I was in my teens and 20s.

The key to success is to have the entire equation . . . exercise + well-balanced good eating = a healthy, strong you.

Just my thoughts.

Keta. :D

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I am in agreement with the posts so far.
You have to educate yourself re. nutrition and find out what does and doesn't work for you.
What works for me is to eat three well balanced meals per day with three mini meals inbetween. A balanced meal for me is a protein, a carb (good carbs work best ie wholemeal bread brown rice etc) veg and a small amount of good fat (rather than simply low fat)and preferably high fibre.
When I first started trying to control my weight I journaled and calorie counted for the purpose of learning portion control, but after a while it became apparent that if I made the right food choices and ate regularly so that I didn't get hungry, I didn't need to count the calories.
Unfortunately I don't eat as well when I don't work out. There is something about working out that makes me want to eat for fuel rather than pure indulgence, but I always enjoy my food whatever food choices I make.
There is a book I've read recently DR Bob Arnots weight conrtol (or something like that) that gives a physiological explaination of how foods effect or bodies. I found it useful to learn the principles of good nutrition
Hope this is of some help. Good Luck.

thanks everyone. I think I just need a kick in the butt. I know it is what I am eating and when I eat clean, I lose the weight. I need to get my act back in gear and do what it takes. The exercise will only work so much without eating well. Thank you all!!!! Sandy

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