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No matter what I name my Blender workouts, as soon as I copy them into iTunes, they ALL become named "Workout #1", no matter what.
Hi hawgwild, is this on the Windows XP computer that you installed the Blender onto? We haven't seen this problem before and would be interested to figure out what is causing it.

If I understand correctly, you have created multiple workouts in the left column in the Blender, then pressed the "Create Workout" button for each, it creates video files with different names in the Videos folder, but when you drag these multiple files into iTunes, they are all reading in as "Workout #1"? If you could please confirm this I will pass on the information to our lead developers. Thank you!

Thanks for your quick reply. One more question for you that I did not ask yesterday (you may have posted this elsewhere, but I'd like to keep this issue in its own thread here so all the info is located in the same place): What version of iTunes and Quicktime are you using? Are they current versions (10.1 for iTunes and 7.6.8 for Quicktime)? This will help us out in troubleshooting. Thanks!
No problem... yep. They are both the current versions. iTunes does this on both computers. But WB has also just stopped working entirely on my newer computer with Windows 7.
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Thanks! I will pass on the information to the developers and we'll try to get to the bottom of what's happening.

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