My first 8 min video !

aqua girl

Well, I was able to make a 8 min video ! First, I imported Upper Body and
Lower Body Sculpt and had the same thing happen as someone else
mentioned on another thread, the chapters did not show the pictures but
listed each chapter and did show up in the preview window. So I went on
and chose chapters from both totaling about 8 1/2 min. Then I clicked
create and it took about 2-3 min to create. I tried to play then in preview
window but couldn't get it to play but then I went to the workout blender
video file and it played fine there. I put in itunes and it played fine with
chapter points and then put on ipod and it seems to be ok. The pictures in
the chapter points on the blender isnt a big deal as long as they play and
transfer. I also have windows 7.

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