My digital scale is pathetic!

Okay I know we need to measure with a tape measure to track our progress. But I thought using my scale also here and there would help. My scale is TERRIBLE. Does anyone else have a digital scale that is pathetic? One time I get on it reads one number....and even for 5 or 6 times in a row and then all of the sudden it reads another number. This morning it gave me 3 different readings and each time showed the numbers more than once.......and a 4 pound difference in there.!! SHEESH....guess I need to get a regular scale!!! MichelleP


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digital scales...

have a mind of their own. I have had several (from very cheap to quite expensive) and they are terrible! From one day to the next, (or one minute to the next!)they give totally different weights, up to 4-5lbs /-. The only kind that is really accurate is the "doctors" model, but it's about $200.00. So, unless you have access to a gym that has one...forget about the scale!


I have one that years old...

....and I like it. How about changing the battery? Try it.


digital scale

Whatever you do, don't give it a good shake to try to get the number to come out "right"! It always goes up if you do that!


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