More advanced cardio ... w/o burpees or step!

I literally own all non-step Cathe videos and the only cardio I do routinely (3x/wk) is:
  1. X10 (X65 premix)
  2. Strong & Sweaty: Cardio Slam
  3. X-Train: Tabatacize
  4. Perfect 30 HIIT (both together)
  5. X-Train Low Impact HIIT and Ripped with HIIT Low Impact HIIT (together)
  6. and, occasionally, on low-energy, I'll pair Fit Split's Low Impact and ICE's Low Impact (together)
I would love more advanced HIIT-style workouts but I cannot do step (knee issues) and I can't do burpees (too awkward/inflexible to get legs in/out).

Sorry, Cathe! We all want different things, don't we? You're the BEST!


This sounds good - I prefer advanced cardio to be off the step. (I like step cardio, but prefer it to be more moderate).


+1 on non-step advanced cardio. I love X10 also, but the step segment can be a little too complicated in parts for me to do it at the pace it needs to be done. The moves in X10 Step are not even complicated by normal step standards, but there is always a point where I have to stop and rewind to see what the move is before I can actually do it. Not something you want to be doing for what is supposed to be high intensity with little to no rest.

I do like burpees though. The burpee/squat thrust move with two "heel clicks" in Imax4 is pure fun to me. :)

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