Moms Into Fitness 60 Day Slimdown?


Has anyone tried this or other products from Lindsay Brin/Moms Into Fitness?

The 60-Day Slimdown DVD / weight loss series was featured on today and I was tempted to buy it, but 1) I'm 8 months post-partum so a "post-baby workout" seems kind of ridiculous at this point (feel like I "should" be working out normally again) and 2) I pre-ordered Cathe's new low impact series so I think maybe I should wait on new DVD's. (Hmm...lots of "shoulds" in there...)

I like that her 60 Day series is limited in duration and the workouts are all 30 to 45 minutes, but then again it seems like you can create a similar workout schedule w/ Cathe's many premixes.

I think I will need to become an early morning exerciser, something I haven't done in a LONG time (used to mid-day or evening) and so far it is a tough transition!


Hi Wastewitch,
Sorry to say I havent heard of it but I did wanted to say that I am 14 months PP and still cant get a consistent workout routine down. Having a 14 month old and a 6 year old there seems to be no time. I wish I could get up early to workout but I already wake up at 4 to go to work by the time the kiddo's go to bed Im tired! It's been pretty fustrating for me not being able to workout because that is my outlet but hopefully when we receive out new low impact series I will be able to stay awake at night to do them or maybe wake up at 3?????
Good luck to you!


Tried a couple :)


My thoughts are that Lindsay's workouts are less intense than Cathe, but as I've gotten older (now 30), I find they are a nice break to super intense stuff. I also feel good that as a busy mom, I'm getting my body moving and oxygenated in the morning. If I watch what I eat (my personal challenge), I don't need to burn the additional calories I'd get from a more intense program.

If you're looking for intensity in 30 minutes, I got Jillian Michael's ripped in 30 (also 30 minute workouts) and they are definitely more intense. I've also enjoyed her Yoga Melt. The warm up is short and sufficient, which I've found is difficult to get in Cathe's pre-mix videos.

I'll be interested to hear how Cathe's new series is. I didn't pre-order since I have a nice sized video library already, but may pick up a couple after hearing everyone's thoughts :)

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