Mid September Pregnancy Update

Cathe Friedrich

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Hi Everyone! Just a "little" note to fill you in on the changes that have occured in the last couple of weeks.

I had my doctor visit on Tuesday and I gained another five pounds. That totals 16 pounds so far. Being that I'm now finishing up my 21st week, they find this to be right on schedule. Next week I will have to take a test for diabetes and for Group B Strep.

I experienced the baby's first REAL kick last night. My t-shirt actually moved. I quickly grabbed my husband to come feel my belly and of course, no more REAL kicks
. I still, however, have the fluttery kicks all of the time. How exciting!

Food cravings seem to have calmed down but I still enjoy eating. Now, instead of eating large quantities of food per meal, I find that I do better with smaller portions more frequently. I don't feel as full and breathless when I eat smaller portions. Of course, that is just a better way to eat in general, but when I was craving food like a mad woman earlier in the pregnancy, I rarely had problems with feeling too full. Even though I eat less per meal, I still enjoy the same goodies....pizza, pasta, salted snacks, cheese snacks, sugared cereals, devil dogs, and the latest is Friendly's cyclones(especially Snickers and Peanut butter cup). Fortunately, I atleast have also been craving big juicy salads with crisp lettuce varieties, tomatoes and other crunchy vegetables. For real meals, I have managed to get down some chicken, fish, and steamed vegetables but they are still not on the top of the want list by any means. But a burger and fries....anyday

My body hasn't changed too much in the last couple of weeks. I do have an occasional break out on my face. The allergies are still an issue but no more tooth pain----yeah!

I called Dangerboy to see if he would make me a couple of maternity tops(I still seem to be okay with my jazz and kickboxing pants so I didn't request pants). I requested the typical looking maternity style top with a form fitting bra top built into that little A-line flarey look. Does that description make sense? He is going to send me a demo next week. I'm so excited.

I have also purchased my first pair of jeans with the snuggly expandable pouch in front(I never thought I would do it, hee hee). Ahhhhh, they are comfortable. I put a denim maternity top over it and it actually looks pretty good. At this point it makes me look more pregnant than I am, but who cares....I'm going for comfort!!!

In case you didn't read the post that I have responded to about doing a pregnancy video, I have decided to put the project off until another time(perhaps baby #2). I am just learning so much as each day progresses that I feel that I would be a better educator, more experienced, and more prepared to take on this project after I had gone through atleast one pregnancy/postpartum in its entirety.

Thats all for now. I'll post again in early October. Have a nice day!

Daphne M

Love your updates, Cathe

Thanks for all the details. (No thanks for reminding me about devil dogs ... I swear that I am financing the college education of every executive's kid at the Little Debbie and Hostess companies.)

The little maternity top sounds so cute! Enjoy all your maternity clothes, like you said, they are comfortable and it is fun to look pregnant. I remember how my big belly really seemed to bring out the best in people. I made friends on the elevator, at the mall, just everywhere! Plus it was nice to get past that stage where people weren't quite sure if you were pregnant or just had overindulged at the taco bar!

Happy 21 weeks to baby boy Friedrich and his mom and dad. (And his doggie brothers

Lydia L

Thanks so much!!!

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Thank you for sharing your pregnancy news with your fans. I know what an exciting time it is for you. The first kicks are always special. I feel as though I'm reliving my two pregnancies.

On the food front, it's interesting to see your choices in food. I get a kick out of hearing your food selections. McDonalds was at the top of my list, the first few months of my pregnancy. Sugared cereal and Devil Dogs Ehhh? Have you tried Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cups Ice-Cream, not exactly low-fat (25 grams per serving) but worth every bite.

Looking forward to the trip and seeing your dangerboy pregnancy outfits.

Lydia L


So exciting!


Thanks for letting all of us share your pregnancy with you! It is terribly exciting. I only wish I could be on the fall trip to meet you during this wonderful time.

Keep the updates coming,


Nancy C

what a nice surprise..

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VF has been a little crazy this week and it was nice to pop over here a get a little happy dose of Cathe

What a fun update. Glad you are "all" doing well and it will be fun to see what dangerboy comes up with for you. I guess we aren't the only ones shopping for road trip outfits

Thanks Cathe,


ps-was that a round-house or side-kick??

susan p

so fun

Cathe, I love your updates! It is so fun to enjoy this pregnancy with you. Those first big kicks are so exciting! Before too long you'll be able to watch your whole belly rock and roll. And you'll learn a little about your baby's temperament prenatally in how they move. My oldest was constantly in motion, rolling, wiggling, kicking. . . She just never stopped. She's 8 an she STILL hasn't stopped! My second was much quieter in utero, and when she did move it was usually a long, enjoyable stretch. She is still a quiet, introspective kid who loves the sensation of stretching, does it all the time. My third was a little investigator. I so often felt those little hands patting around, feeling the inside of my ribs or tapping on my hip bones. She is two now and still very investigative, she's always and forever getting her fingers stuck in small spaces because she can't resist poking around in there! It will be fun to see what kind of a person your little guy turns out to be! I'm sure we will all enjoy hearing stories about him as he grows. No names yet? -susan p


Active Member
Love the updates, Cathe!

I just cannot wait for the middle and end of the month so I can get my "Cathe pregnancy" fix. My boys are 16 and 14 and it seems like only yesterday they were babies. I am a misty-eyed mom....just hearing about the joy of a new baby gets me. I am so happy for you! See you in a MONTH!!!



New Member
About the kicking

Cathe, I just have to share a kicking baby story with you:

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was also finishing up my last semester in graduate school. When I went to take the Masters Comprehensive Exams I was in a room of about 100 people and we were all crammed right up next to each other, and here I was - about 4 days away from giving birth. The only shirt that still fit me was a very tight turtleneck, which I was wearing. Well, my little precious was kicking and rolling and flipping up a storm that day, and this poor guy sitting next to me was either completely stunned or frightened or appalled at all the activity in my shirt. About 2 hours into the tests, he slammed his pencil down, grabbed his head and started wailing OUT LOUD "I can't stand it any more!" and he got up and asked if he could be moved because "we" were disturbing him. He wasn't laughing, either and looked like he might cry. People were staring at me like I was an alien. Oh well. I passed my tests, I don't know if HE did.

I love reading about your progress. Some day I'll have to find one of these devil dog things.

-Claire M.

Val C

Cathe updates

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Dear Cathe,

I too love hearing about your pregnancy updates and am happy you are doing well.

I also enjoy hearing the stories from everyone regarding their pregnancy. Claire, you should publish that story; it's just too hysterical.

Susan P, it's so interesting to hear you say that you could tell the personalities of your children from the way they were in utero. I found the same thing, too. My daughter was very active and would start moving a lot when I was resting. 16 years later, she is still the same way. My son was very quiet in the womb. If he moved three times a day, I was happy. His movements have fit his personality as well, quiet, etc.

Continue to enjoy your pregnancy and all of the happy new things in store for you, Cathe.



Thanks for the update Cathe - it sounds like you are doing really well. I so agree with Nancy - it was wonderful to come over here and read about happy, wonderful, joyous things.

I hope you and yours fared well yesterday with the storm/flooding. We lost power for 12 hours but other than that I'm happy to say all is well.

Looking forward to seeing how those new Dangerboy tops look,


Thanks for sharing the news!

I love to hear how you are doing, and you sound great. I found the food I craved while pregnant was a pretty good indication of what my son liked to eat. And now I am just figuring that out with the second (nearly 7m ) and it appears to be working again. I couldn't eat much at first with the first, and he isn't much of an eater. The second I could eat anything, and not be sick at all- he seems to want to eat everything. He stole the bun from my burger the other day- boy he is fast, it was in his mouth before I (or anyone else) noticed. He ad a face covered with ketchup and mustard, and a great big grin!
As for movement, my first barely moves, and I think he is about 2mm from hyperactive now, and my second didn't stop moving- he slept a lot for a while, but seems pretty intent on moving a lot now. So, no conclusions from my two.
I don't know if you have looked into Japanese Weekend, but they have some nice exercise clothes- nothing as cute as what you described, but their bottoms have supportive bellybands which I found really nice for working out. They may be helpful to you with your power moves. And they flip up and down, for belly carrying, or lower back support. I found it really hard to decide some days.
Glad to hear all is going well.


New Member
Updates are uplifting

I don't seem to be able to log on lately. Gee I wonder if my 4 1/2 year old twin sons could be part of the reason???? Perhaps, but regardless it's great to check in every so often and see that things are going so well. Cathe, as I wrote before, in these times of media bombardment of tragedy after tragedy, it is so uplifting to remember that life continues and the miracle of birth is proof. I think of you and all my other pregnant friends often and it brings a smile and a feeling of warmth. And the miracle of my own two children remains the most powerful thing that has ever happend to me. God bless and take care.



Couldn't help but horn in on the kicking stories! My best one is when I was pregnant with #3. Also a boy-- think that aggressiveness is there from the beginning! I was standing at the counter with my belly up against the edge ( and my arms about 2 ft away ha ha )doing the dishes and Jacob kicked so hard he literally bounced me back off the counter. Come to think of it he still likes to kick maybe this soccer thing will turn into something!


Hi Cath! More on In Utero Personalities...

Cathe, so glad to hear you're doing great and that Buster's making his presence known! I have really enjoyed our members' in-utero personalities stories and have to add my 2 cents worth. They really are who they are from conception on, I think.

Alex, my 12 year old, was a nighttime in-utero sleeper, kicked hard all day, was nearly two weeks late and put his mama through a 17-hour I'm coming out- I'm not coming out -yes I am - no I'm not kind of labor and delivery. To this day he sleeps long and hard (and was sleeping 7 hours through the night at 7 weeks). He's a whirlwind of big physical activity all day (this kid will never have to worry about his aerobic condition!) He's also my procrastinator. This child can take 45 minutes to put on his shoes and socks in the morning.

Evan, my 9 year old, gently tumbled and rolled and tiptoed around exploring my tummy all night long. In months 8 and 9 I got almost no nighttime sleep. Evan was 8 days early and my entire labor was less than two hours. Transition stage was 15 minutes, literally one push and he was out. Today Ev's a restless sleeper and a night owl. He didn't sleep longer than 4 hours at a stretch until he was almost 4 months old. Like his brother he's very active, but whereas Alex goes full-tilt Evan's into quieter things -- bike rides, exploratory walks through the woods, digging for interesting critters at the creek. And two of his very favorite things to do -- honest -- are tumbling all the way across a room, and walking on his hands. And -- this really fascinates me! -- he is one of those people who gets anxious and fluttery if there's any possibility he'll be late. Ev's ready to leave early for everything.

So pay close attention to your little guy's habits -- he's telling you what to expect!

Hug your tummy for me, okay?

Kathy S.


New Member
So Great to Hear of your pregnancy

It has been soooo long since I've been able to log on and so was pleasantly surprised to learn of your pregnancy. I too am pregnant. This is with my 6th child, 7th pregnancy. Unfortunately I went into labor at 28 weeks pregnant so have been on bed rest ever since. Today is the completion of my 35th week and the doctor says its o.k. to quit the bed rest and live a semi-normal life. However, I will not be able to workout with your videos until after. It will make me feel better and more motivated to know that I'm not struggling alone. I will know that you are working at it too!!!

When is the baby due? A boy huh?? No names??? Well try naming 6!!!! We are so not ready to name this poor baby!!!!!

Just wanted to express my heartfelt congratulations and prayers for you and the health of your baby. You have been an inspiration for me and I appreciate all the hard work you put into your videos.


Cathe Friedrich

Hi Dawn!

Thanks for the well wishes. A warm congratulations to you too. Wow, 6th child, good for you. Take care of yourself! You're so close to the big event. Be sure to keep us posted. Lots of luck to you.

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