Just wondering if anyone out there in Cathe Land has had experience (good or bad) with facial micro-needling. My dermatologist's practice has just started to offer this procedure.

The claim is that it will reduce pore size and improve skin texture and tightness.

It's not cheap - $300+ per session with a minimum of two recommended, but results supposedly last up to a year.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.



I did last year. My derm called and offered me a free treatment to be a test patient. Then I bought a series of 3. Then I participated in a test comparing using a particular serum vs a serum derived from your own white blood cells.

I found it made some of my pores appear smaller and lightened up a couple of acne scars. I have acne rosacea and plenty of scarring and redness. It actually helped with some of that too. And my face feels a lot softer. It stimulates collagen.

I've thought about going back for another 3-round of treatments. You must use sunscreen post treatment and be prepared for 2-4 days of redness depending on your skin and needle depth. Some people are more aggressive with the micropen than others.

Anyway I would do it again. The esthetician assisting the doctor I had has had really great results - which I would expect on someone 20/25 yrs younger than me. She also has more surface acne scarring and it has improved along with pore size.

Not sure if I answered your question...
Fascinated to find this here. I did #9 last week and will do #10 next week. I have had bad acne scarring for years and done every laser treatment out there. This has, by far, been the most effective treatment I've had. By far. We do the highest setting at 2.5 and with numbing ahead of time, it's totally doable. I finally can wear less make up and don't only see acne scars when I look in the mirror. I say absolutely do it. But go somewhere good. And if you need it, have it done by a doc so you can go as deeply as you might need to.

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