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I'm 49 and started with perimenopausal symptoms 3 years ago, hot flushes, irregular periods, and most of all extreme gas and bloating. It's so bad that I feel like someone is squeezing my waist as hard as they can non stop for most of the days out of the month. I might have relief for 2 to 3 days or so and then it's back and when it comes back it's CONSTANT. Not a little in the morning, then goes away, it's non stop all day every day. I've tried gas x, pepto bismal and laxitives but none of those have helped. I also do intermittent fasting and have been for awhile with success so I know that it's not from eating. Anyone going through the same or have any advice?
Are you sure that it is menopause? My elder sister has the same symptoms for 2 years. She also thought that it is menopause and didn't want to visit the doctor. As I know symptoms of menopause should stop in 6-10 months. I said her to go to the doctor. He prescribed menopause testing kit. It is very easy to order. This test showed that she doesn't have menopause, she has very big problems with thyroid. Think that our health does not deserve self-medication and self-diagnosis.
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Are you sure it's not something you're ingesting? Drinks, vitamins, supplements etc. I was having issues and went to a chiropractor that also does nutritional counseling. I found out my body doesn't like all!! All the protein bars I was eating had soy. It's worth a try to give you some relief.

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