Made the video, and now it starts in the middle!


Hi, I've made my video and everything on the blender, but it wont start from the beginning. It just starts from the middle and when I try to put it at the beginning, it pops back to the middle! What do you think is going on?

Hello Shannon_B,

Are you playing the video in the Blender or in QuickTime/iTunes? If you are in the Blender, you need to click on the title of the workout in the lefthand column after it is created, then play it and it will then show the whole video and not just a part of it. We are addressing this behavior in the next release.

If you are using iTunes or something else to view it, please let me know.
It worked! Something so simple, thank you! I havent yet tried it in iTunes though, the blender player. Thanks again!

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