Hi everyone,

Good news for me. I measured my thighs and have lost 1/8" off each one. They look so much better. I did not weigh myself yet, I am saving that for tomorrow.

This morning was a new cardio workout for me. Hardcore Kickbox with Janis Saffel. It seems to fit the freestyle bill though because in beteween kickbox segments, there is floor work without weights. There's also upper body but I skipped those. After that, I did Cathe's BC lower body premix. It complimented the other workout very nicely.

I will try 100 walking lunges tomorrow with 5 lb weights and see if I can do it! I'm really excited.

How are you all doing?:7
Hi Candi
Todays workout is Freestyle rotation, but first my ab work, and last but not least 30 minutes on exercise bike..........
Have to cut things a wee bit short have family coming in for sons high school graduation tonight...... Rhonda:7
Congrats Candi, I’m really happy for you. You have worked so hard. Keep up the good work ;o)

Last night, I blew it, big time, DAM! got home put my workout clothes on. But, I just couldn’t get started. I guess that I was to tired, worked out nine day straight. After laiding down for an hour. I got up and said this isn’t happening today, so I started washing and cleaning my apartment.

Afterwards, put Lord of the Rings on, kicked back and ATE. I felted bad after eating a box of chocolate chip cookies and popped pop corn. First time in awhile I lost control. However, back on track today.

Funny tho, once I get home, and I don’t workout. I feel like okay what I’m I going to do with myself. I walk back and forth in my apartment, saying should I workout or shouldn’t I. Then, when I decided nope no workout today. I get bored and start to eat. Girlfriend, you need to get a life <g>

Shopgirl, let’s us know what you think of WW ;o) Okay back to work. Enjoy your day today ladies.


You are so cute! A box of CC cookies...and you didn't save one for me:( . Just kidding!

DH is going diving in Ft. Lauderdale with a friend this weekend. I am very rarely without him so I have to make sure I don't buy a container of Haagen Daas to keep me company.:+
Teddygirl, we have all been there with you. I will give you my take on WW's. I LOVE the program, but I still feel, even with the Flex Points, you are deprived. I will still go off the deep end and binge. There are still things I make for my family that I dare not eat, like Pork Chops and Cream of Mushroom soup. I did WW's very well, without missing three workouts, and ate kinda bad 3 days, for 8 weeks and lost only 4 lbs. Right now I am concentrating on eating healthy all day, including a little more fat in my diet, like a handful of dry roasted peanuts, or some almonds every day, and keeping to my dish of WW's MooseTracks at night. I have not weighed myself, and right now, I really do not want to. Sometimes I think I do better eating wise when I don't know how much I have eaten in a day, like counting Points, and knowing I have 12 left. I feel like I have to use those 12, I have'em, I am going to eat'em. If I step on the scale in a month and I have gained, I will probably freak out, and start counting points again. Right now, I am just SO sick of dieting, and still needing to drop that last 10 lbs. I know you didn't ask me Teddygirl, but that's my opinion!!!! I hope you do not mind.

I am not going to get any leg work in today. Today is my Yoga workout in P90X. It is 1.5 hours long, and that is enough working out for me. I have never done Yoga in my life, but from what I have read, this is one tough workout. We will see!!!!

Take care everyone.
Okay - so here is what happened on my first WW visit this morning.

I went before work figuring if I'm going to do it, I might as well start right away. When I arrived there were a couple of women behind the desk and 3 more waiting for the meeting. I walked in the door and everyone turns and immediately looks me up and down. I thought to myself, okay, just go to the desk and register.

The woman at the desk says, "Are you sure you are in the right place?" I said, "Well, I would like to register for Weight Watchers, so, I guess, yeah, I am." The other woman at the desk sits back in her chair, folds her arms and just looks at me. I'm thinking to myself, jeez, friendly place (not!). Then this (and I don't mean to be offensive here) large woman, maybe 150-180 pounds overweight, walks in. She was all smiles and hellos to the other women there, but when she sees me, she say, "Uh uh, nope, SHE's (pointing to me) not coming to MY meeting."

Well, I was so embarassed, that I just turned around and walked out. So, in answer to everyone's question about how I liked WW, the answer is - I don't know, because I didn't even get past the desk! I didn't want to stay and fight it out with those women. And I didn't want to make the large woman uncomfortable because she has a lot harder than I and I give her a lot of credit for trying to lose the weight. I may go back and try another day. Maybe there will be a friendlier group. ;-)

On the bright side, I did get my Freestyle book on Wednesday and spent most of yesterday reading it.(while I was home waiting for the A/C repairman). Yesterday I did the first half of IMAX2 and the ankle weight work for L&G, plus Firm 5 day abs. I think I will do the other half of IMAX2 and the standing work for L&G. Saturday is Boot Camp again.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend.
- Shopgirl
I had a similar situation with WW when I tried again about 4 years ago. I felt like everyone was looking at me like I was from outer space or something. It was very upsetting. It's a shame, too, because aside for being a popular diet, it is a very balanced way of eating for anyone, IMHO.

Go back, Shopgirl, don't let those people intimidate you out of soing something good for yourself!

Can you tell this just ticks me off?x(
Thanks Lori, since I’ve been with WW I never ever even think about using the Flex Points and I don’t count activity points. Although, it’s good to know that they’re available to you. Like last night, I ate more than I told <g> I’m sure I came very close to 35 or if not more. So I just counted that day as failure and a cheat day . What I’ll do is eat squeeze clean today and tomorrow to get the sugar out of my body, I am swollen from all that sugar.

I don’t feel deprived at all, I plan my meals very careful. Some things I eat are just automated (so to speak) Like my second meal is always flaxs & yogurt, or almond & yogurt, gotta get my healthy fats in. And, too, my first meal is always between 10:30 and 11:00 I know that's last to some for breakfast. But, I’m never hungry until then.

Shopgirl, you are funny. But, I know what you mean. My first visit to WW the lady behind the desk asked me what am I trying to lose. She just seen my upper body. When I stepped out were she could see these hips and thighs, she just said oh.

Today is another rest day, this one I planned because I’m working tonight. Have a great day all.

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations Candi, you're reaping the rewards of your dedication. Way to go. I'm headed to the gym so I'm going to try to do 100 walking lunges with 5lbs too. I'll let you know how I do.

Teddygirl-don't feel too bad-we all have those off days ocassionally. I'm right there with you-having worked til 10pm last night-we ordered pizza about 7:30. Not the most nutritous if you know what I mean.

Shopgirl, sorry your ww experience wasn't the same as mine. I actuall like the ww program and do not feel deprived. Of course it is easier to follow if you plan your meals ahead of time. I also never counted my activity points or used the flex points. It was just to easy to fall of the wagon for me if I did that. I say give them another try. They also have lifetime members at the meetings who have already reached their goal. Give them another try, maybe on a different day.

This morning I did The Gauntlet, one of my favorite w/o's. I'm headed over to the gym for lower body wts and my 100 walking lunges. Wish me luck.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Question for all of you ....

What do you think is easier - the Weight Watchers program or the Body for Life program? If you don't know about BFL it is 6 days of exercise (3 weight training, 3 cardio) and is 6 small meals, with half protein and half carbs at each. The 7th day of the week is a free day, you eat what you want and don't exercise.

I have been doing BFL, but not sticking to it. If I planned my meals that would probably help. You ladies have spoken so highly of WW, I thought I'd give it a try.

- Shopgirl
Shopgirl, sorry I don't know about BFL program. But, they use to have a website that I'd frequent regularly. I don't know it anymore, do you? Tons of information, pictures, etc..on that site.

Hi Shopgirl,

Several years ago I was following the BFL training program which gave me much wanted definition. The thicker lower body remained though. Probably because I was doing much heavier lower body lifting. My jeans were very tight in the thighs. I also need 5 to 6 days of cardio. I was never able to follow the bfl eating program. Weight Watchers is a very sound eating program including lean proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables, calcium, and lets not forget about water. You can also participate in ww online. I know the weekly weigh ins can be annoying, but it provided the accountability I needed to stay on the program. Of course during TTOM, my weight was up 4-7lbs that week, but was gone by the next.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ladies,

I have had a pretty good lower body workout week. This morning I did a 5.5 mile run and PP. Yesterday I did KPC and L&G premix (82 min). Thursday night I did Cathe's advanced treadmill workout. That was tough, but fun.

Have a great weekend Ladies!! My TV is fixed so I am going to try to get legs in 6 days next week.


Today, I did 20 laps & Legs & Glutes.

Beverly, I'm with you, next week going to try for 5 days of lower body. I really hope I get my Beach Body tapes next week....

When I go to my WW meeting on Tuesday, I am sure they're going to tell me that I did not lose a lb. Feels like I gained a lb or 2. I'm going to step on the scale Tuesday morning. Enjoy your weekend ladies.


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