Lose Cathe LIVE every 20 minutes


Hi, Cathe LIVE (Live only) goes offline every 20 minutes. It stops responding so badly that I have to log off the computer, then log back on, then log back onto the site, then find the workout, where I was in the workout . . . . When I use On Demand or premixes in the Workout Blender this does not happen. There are no problems with the internet connection or losing Cathe’s site. Do you know why this might be happening?


Staff member
Cathe Live and Cathe OnDemand are two completely different networks and systems. We haven't had any unusual connectivity problems like you're reporting for either service. I would suggest the first thing to try is clearing your browser's cache. Next I would suggest playing a video and clicking on the HD button on the player located on the bottom right and try selecting some of the lower quality settings and see what happens and then report back here for further instructions.

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