Looking for the road tripper who ran the Boston as a charity..


I was so excited to meet someone who had run Boston that I never got your name. :eek: I went to look for you at breakfast Sunday morning and I guess you had left already. I was hoping to e-mail you. My e-mail address is [email protected] if you could shoot me your e-mail address some time.

Regina - the one who likes to run slow and enjoy the marathon:D


Woops! I thought I was under the Disney forum. Yea, not thinking that is who you were looking for. Sorry!!! It's Monday, what can I say! Haha!


Its me!! I'll email you! We had to bail out of breakfast-my poor sister had trouble with her constant back injury and we just wanted to get her home.
Yippee!! I never check these boards either, so its fate :)

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