Looking for a new mattress .... anyone?


I don't know about the latex mattress but I do have a question. When should mattress be replaced? What is the life expectancy? We bought ours new in June of 2004 and I feel its uncomfortable. I rotate it monthly or so. It has pillow top on
Top side only. I think I'm ready for new one bit husband thinks this is fine. Sorry for hijacking....


I bought my daughter one for Christmas last year. I got an Englander Rest and Restore natural latex with a organic bamboo cover. She says it's hot. But it's firm but also soft.

I would just go try out a bunch. Lay on it long enough to see if it feels hot to you.


I have a latex mattress. We went with that because they DON'T sleep hot the way memory foam ones do. That is because latex responds to pressure whereas memory foam responds to body heat.

We like ours a lot. They are customizable with layers of different firmness that you assemble for your own desired sleep situation. The only negatives are that they are heavy and also, require a platform-type bed. DH was able to modify our existing bed by adding slats to support the mattress's weight. However, your current bed frame may not accomodate or be able to be modified to accept a latex mattress adding to their already fairly high cost.

On the plus side, they last "forever". Regular mattresses should be replaced? not sure, but definitely more often than latex.


I have a Tempurpedic (bought it a few years ago) and I LOVE it! I haven't really noticed the heat absorbsion, but you may be right. I've thought about adding a pillow top to it, but don't want to mess with how soundly I sleep on it. In fact, my 8yo wanted one for his room since it's sooo comfy.

I tried the Select Comfort and my opinion is that it is nothing more than a glorified air mattress... that's just my experience.

I've never heard of a latex mattress.



When we needed a mattress, someone suggested getting a mattress topper. We bought a 3 inch temp. mattress topper and just put that over our old mattress. Then we bought a cover to hold it in place. It slides around a little, but not too bad. We love it. It's very comfy. Our kids love it also. It was around $130 and we've had it for several years. Recently we went out looking at mattresses thinking maybe it should be time for a new one. We just couldn't find one we like as much as our topper so we stopped looking.


We purchased our mattress over a year ago and just love it. We tried to put a pillowtop on our old mattress but it didn't work. Our mattress is very comfortable and we are sleeping much better at night.


We just got a Nature's Rest Latex mattress from Overstock and it's AWE.SOME.

Before we decided on that one, we tried a bunch of different mattress types, and we absolutely loved everything at the Select Comfort Store...but then it turned out that my husband and I both have the exact same Sleep Number, so we saved about $1000 buying a latex mattress with a breathable memory foam top. LOVE IT. Not too firm, not too smooshy...feels like floating.
We are on our second temper pedic mattress and love it. It does sleep a little warm, but since I am cold blooded that works. The downside is, when we travel, cannot wait to get home to our temper pedic.


I've read that traditional mattresses are supposed to last about 10 years, but I'm sure that depends on the mattress.

My in-laws have all latex beds in their house and they are SO comfortable. I'm glad you brought this up as we are just about to buy a new bed as well. We bought an off-brand pillowtop last time that has not held up well. I won't make that mistake again.

I don't know if I can find latex here in Mexico but I will definitely look now that you reminded me.

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