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Hi Ladies,

I'm looking for a new exercise mat and I'm very picky. I had a blue 2x6ft Everlast mat that lasted about 2/3 years before it started to get tears in it. I got a mat from ProSource Fit about 18 months ago and it's starting to show some wear and tear. It has good thickness but a bit to firm. I'm basically looking for a mat that's 2x6 and has good thickness and is a mix of firm and soft, but more soft.



Tom Riddle

New Member
Hi, I think here is no one lady to answer except a gent, I just searched over the internet for you and found a very good collection. Now, I'm sharing with you:
My favorite yoga map I get at Walmart. It is blue and it has good thickness. I don't get those thin yoga mats because I can feel the floor. The blue thick mat actually make yoga not as painful because you are not feeling the floor on the parts of the yoga exercise.

Jennifer Denny

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