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Good Afternoon,

Lately I've been having an issue with the live classes not playing. If I access the videos under the MY account tab some of them will not play. Sometimes it doesn't matter if it is the high or low quality version.

Sometimes when I access the videos through the Cathe live tab they will play but not all the time.

Also I think it is causing an issue with my Chromecast and it casting. Lately some of the videos will play on the tablet I use but then it will not cast and the video stops playing.

The tablet I use is an andriod and I only use this one for my live workouts. I have cleared the cookies several times but it doesn't seem to help.

I have another android tablet and sometimes the videos will not play on that either. When I try to play some of the videos there will be a spinning circle of the screen and the picture will just keep flashing in and out.

I don't know if anyone else has reported any issues but hopefully this is enough information to see if you all have any ideas about what it is doing.

Thank you for your time :)


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Hi ebonynicole,

We really haven't had any abnormal reported issues. I would suggest rebooting your router. Though I can't say for sure an indication of a possible cause is in one case you mentioned you can play your workouts on your tablet but when you try to cast it doesn't work. In this case your wireless first has to "stream" to your tablet and then at the same time "Stream" to your TV by Chromecast. Hence your wireless network is doing double duty and if you have an older outdated wireless router and/or a low internet connection speed you're simply putting too much stress on the router. Also, your router may be fine but may just need to be rebooted. Lastly, what is your download speed and can you test it?


So we have Cox Communication and we have their high speed internet service. I tested the internet service and it says the download speed is 10mbps and the upload speed is 9mbps.

I will reboot the WiFi router to see if that helps. I rebooted my Chromecast and that issue still persist.

I tried to play a couple of workouts this morning and the high quality just has a spinning circle in the middle of the screen and the picture keeps flashing. The low quality would not play at all so couldn't tell if it would cast or not.

This only started in the last six months and I have been using live for over a year now. I will see if rebooting the router will help at all.

Thank you for responding :)


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Hi eboncynicole.

Unfortunately, 10 mbps is not really high speed internet, it's extremely low speed and that is only the advertised speed, not your actual speed. Internet providers call services "high speed" because they're not allowed to call their service broadband unless it exceeds 25 mbps. For comparison, my speed here in NJ is 350 mbps - 35 times greater than yours. Your 10 mbps speed is also well below the national average. Also, you will only get your 10 mbps speed if only one person and one device in your house is using the internet. If more than one person is using the internet the 10 mbps will be divided between them.

You should also do an actual speed test to see what your true speed is at a site like (just click on the go button on their website to run the test). You should do this test several times throughout the day and also at about the same time as you try playing a video. This will show if your getting the advertised speed or if your connection speed is dropping throughout the day.

Also, there is a problem with "older" videos playing on Chromecast. You should not have any problems playing these videos on your mobile device and/or computer, but trying to play on Chromecast will crash your Chromecast.

I would strongly suggest getting Cox to upgrade your speed if possible. If you threaten to leave them they may upgrade you for free or even less than your paying now. Lastly, IBM is currently working on the "older video" problem on Cathe Live with Chromecast.

Hope this helps.
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