Live Soundtrack


First off I want to say thank you Cathe for doing the 1:1 workouts I think these are so awesome and it really leaves the door open for so much variety in what you can with them, from you filing them to us doing them :D

Second I did You Bet Your Bootcamp the other day and I love that soundtrack. I also love the soundtrack from Ready, Set, Step. If you can incorporate that soundtrack in either the Live classes more or the next series that would be awesome. It just makes me want to push harder for some reason, really speaks to me.

Another thought came to me with COVID-19 and having a new normal, that maybe one day in the future there could be a "Roadtrip" but virtually. It would allow more people to join and be part of the excitement. You could still charge a fee that seems reasonable all the way around.

I don't know just a thought I had :confused:

Thanks again Cathe for all you do, somehow I feel more included if that makes any sense :D

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