List of Cathe's workouts on YouTube

aqua girl

Thought I would start a thread so we can list Cathe's one on one & step tutorial workouts on
YouTube. If you see a new one posted, you can list it here, might make it easier to know when
One is posted. So far, I have found:

Senior fit/kids workout
Cardio & Shoulders
One on One Bootcamp
One on One Strong & Sweaty
Senior Fit # 2
Basic step tutorial 1
Basic step tutorial 2
Basic step tutorial 3
Basic step tutorial 4

I think that's it so far....I think they are all on YouTube.....

aqua girl

It was on 4/21. One on One Low Impact Cardio Leg Blast. She does it inside the club. (Thank goodness :) ) but she mentions it and you can hear the rain pouring down Even from inside! It's on Facebook, not sure if it's on YouTube yet.

There's a new one too from the other day, outside on deck, One on One Cardio,
Leg & Core with stability ball.

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