Lift It Split It Live Series??


Just wondering if Cathe is still planning to make the rest of the live workouts in this series? It was noted in the description of Cathe Live #346 (back & biceps) that this was the first in a series of three routines. IIRC, her eye injury occurred shortly after this workout so maybe that put it on the back burner but would love to see the rest of the series created along with more HEAVY strength training live workout. Thanks!!


Staff member
Hi NinjaMom, I'm sure Cathe will eventually film the other workouts in this set, but it's not practical to do for a live class with over 30 people because of the number of heavy dumbbells that would be needed for everyone in the class. This is something she will save for when she needs to take some time off and can film e recorded video of just her working out.

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