Kickmax stretch chapter issues


Just a fyi, I have tried to add the Kickmax stretch chapter in from the Hardcore Extreme Interval Blast and Legs download and it crashes workout blender. I did this 3 times after closing Workout blender each time.
Hello rozy,

We have noticed this behavior before if the download of the video is not complete (and since you are adding the last chapter from the video it is the first thing I would like to look at). Could you check the file for us by playing it in Quicktime or in iTunes to see if it plays through to the very end of the file? The video should be exactly 1:12:54 long. If it ends before reaching this time, then the file was not downloaded completely. If it does play successfully to the end, please let me know and we can troubleshoot from there. Thanks for your help!

We are unaware of this exact problem, but would like to troubleshoot to see if it is a problem happening within the program or a corrupt video file.

1) Are you using the Mac or Windows version?

2) If Windows, when you import the video, does the chapter show a time or "0:00" for the time?

3) Since your first post, have you tried any other videos to see if dragging the last chapter into a workout causes a crash, or is it isolated to Kickmax?

I have been trying to create a Legs workout with Gym Style Legs, Legs and Glutes and Pyramid Upper Body and have tried it multiple times and it crashes at random times. I am using Windows 7 64bit.

I just tested the Kickmax stretch chapter again and it works fine if I add it first haha. I think it was crashing when I was adding it at the end, and that is kind of what is happening with my latest "Leg" workout im creating. It is crashing right about the last or very close to the last things I would add.
I just tried to do the Legs workout im working on again and it crashes after you hit the 1 hour mark. My other workout that had Kickmax stretch chapter in it was a bit over an hour also.
Hi rozy,

Could you send a screen capture (or series of captures) showing the timeline of the workout you are trying to create? What we are interested in seeing is every chapter you have in the workout in the correct order so that we can attempt to recreate your problem here to troubleshoot. Thanks for your help with this!

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