Just saw The Hunger Games


So, like many, I read the first book very quickly. It was awesome. So, here is a brief description of my impression of the movie.

First off, it follows the book to a T, which impressed me. I took my 9 yo DS to see it and kept making sure he was okay with how things were in the movie. Parts of it were a bit much for both of us, but overall we loved it.

Be prepared because it is INTENSE!!!!! I mean, OMG intense at times!! And the cinematography made both of us kinda woozy at times- espcially at the beginning. Think back to Blair Witch. Thankfully it doesn't stay like that throughout the movie otherwise we would have left the theater.

As far as taking my 9 yo to see it, I'd say approximately 20% of the people watching were kids about his age. If the child can handle Harry Potter, I'd say for the most part this is just a bit more intense. The thing that makes it moreso is the fact that in reality this could happen someday.. IMHO.

I'm really curious about other peoples POV on this and your impressions.

We really enjoyed it.



We are going tomorrow. My dd (who's 12) and I read all 3 books and loved them. We even have mockingjay pins. I'm happy to hear that they stuck closely to the book. I will report back.......:D


Im going w my 12 yr old niece and 13 yr old nephew tomorrow. Haven't read the book, but my niece told me all about it, so I'm looking forward to it.


one of my friends was just talking about wanting to see it, and now I do too; how cool that you are talking about it.
Pam, thanks for the review!


Hubby & I went a couple nights ago! Loved it! It does follow the book great but wish it had put more of the happenings or fine details into the movie. The movie is 2 hours & 20 minutes long so they had to leave some things out! I wish it was 4 hours long to include it all! :) The time flew by, felt like we were in the theater for an hour! Not quite sure what was missing but something was??? Overall, I/we both enjoyed it and thought they did a great job of being able to capture the book 's story. We wondered how they'd do that! The actors were all perfect for the parts too. I re-read book one a week before we went to see it and am now reading book 2 & eventually 3. I am shocked how many details I forgot and was so glad I read book 1 again before the movie. (Pie, I'm on the lookout for a Mockingjay necklace! :))


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I do wish it was 3 hours to include more details but the characters were perfect. Even though I knew what was going to happen, to see it all acted out was very emotional. I almost lost it at the beginning when they went to the reaping. :eek:

DebbieH, I found the necklace at toysrus earlier this week. It was $16.99 with 20% off all Hunger Games accessories. :)


Pam and everyone else who chimed in - thanks for the feedback! I was really curious about the movie as well. I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to as I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books. Debbie - I liked your idea about re-reading the book before seeing the movie. I might have to do that. I've done that before with other books-turned-movies and it's a great way to keep everything fresh in your mind. I read the books about 9 months ago, so those small details are lost, I'm afraid. I'm not getting any younger .... :p

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