July 2015 Fit and Patriotic Mommas Check-in

Hi Roz!

Starting us off for the month. Should be a good one! Here's hoping your month began with the "worst [in a prideful way because you killed it on those squats and LWF2 workout] DOMS of the year" minus the "what the heck/this better not be PF" foot pain. :) Are you doing okay today?

DD1 is definitely on the mend! Thanks for sending your healing vibes! Today's parenting trauma is an overtired 2 month old whose lifelong pursuit of escaping the swaddle ruins her ability to sleep peacefully. Thankfully she's much more aggressive with the swaddle Houdini routine during the day so we are still getting longer sleep stretches at night. She'll just be doing a lot of in-momma's-arms sleeping today. :)

This morning I did LIS LIC, minus the step challenge. I don't reach for this one often so when the mood strikes I go for it. I added the "Crunch" from KPC since I needed to do core work and only did the KP part of that workout last week. I definitely plan on acquainting myself with UB Barbell Live soon. I remember you singing (or huffing and puffing?) high praises for that one. :cool: Maybe next week?

Hope you're feeling well today! Sending all the usual affection! ;)

Howdy Roz!

Today = GS BSB. You knew it had to be coming! ;) Matched Cathe for most of the weights except for the biceps.

It's been a good day so far. DD1 was well enough to return to school and her teacher told me it was her best day of listening to instructions yet! :cool: Sounds like she really only listened/sat still for about 5 mins but the teacher (bless her heart) really played it up and accentuated the positive. We'll get there! Baby steps, right?

Hugs! Still hoping your foot is OK.



Hi Lisa!
So glad DD1 is better and was able to return to school and set a listening PR -- yeah! It's all about progress! :D
Hope you slept last night -- yeah, I remember it's rough when they start to break out of the swaddle. I was afraid DD would never sleep again when she started breaking out! :eek:

I don't know what's up with this foot -- I've done a quick Google of PF and it seems to generally be associated with heel pain -- which I don't have. For now, I think I'll just skip reverse lunges (static lunges seem OK, though). Hey, twist my arm! ;) You know that's my major-dread exercise -- all too happy to take a break in the name of health and healing!

Today was bench press. First day of phase 3, now the main lift is 5x2. I wanted to push my weight, so I had DH spot me and some sets I only got a single out. But it was good, and I hope I can progress over the next 3 weeks.
Bench Press 5x2 110 x 1, 105, 105, 110, 110 x 1
Bench Press 1x5 95
a) Suspended Push-ups 6x6
b) Suspended Inverted Row 6x6
Barbell Curl 4x10 50, 50, 45, 45

I added on a LWF2 finisher (barbell under 10 mins), ManBearPig -- loved it so much! Brutal! Definitely still figuring out the BB power snatch, though.

Hope you all sleep well tonight and set new listening PRs this week.
Any big plans for the 4th?
Big hugs!
Happy early 4th!

Yay for your powerful bench presses! How handy to have your DH be your spotter. ;) Boo for your foot pain! It is a good excuse to skip out on those reverse lunges. I had a similar kind of pain in my foot years ago...a weird ache that was muscular but definitely not PF. I went to a podiatrist, he diagnosed it as a strained ligament and tightly taped up the bottom part of my foot with athletic tape. The tape alleviated the strain and the pain was totally gone about a week later. Take that story FWIW. :p

RK for me today. I seem to be reaching for this one a lot, probably because of the fun hi/lo flare and the excuse to wear my Everlast gloves! Thinking TB for tomorrow...

We will be bbq-ing and setting off fireworks (consumer/residential fireworks are legal here, although I always opt for the totally tame varieties because I really wish they weren't legal but my DH likes them so we compromise). We'll also check out what's going on in the skyline since w e live close enough to a park that hosts a public display. What about you?

Major patriotic hugs! I probably won't be back until Monday. XOXO!


PS I totally caved and pre-ordered ICE. Why did I ever pretend I wouldn't? :rolleyes:


Hi Lisa,
Our 4th plans are similar to yours (cookout and watch fireworks) -- though we don't do our own fireworks. (I don't think they're legal here, anyways.)

Great job on RK! That is one of my all-time Cathe favorites. Perhaps my favorite Cathe cardio ever.
Enjoy your TB! Have you done STS TB recently? I can't get enough of that one. I have to do it again next time I sign up for On Demand (probably when the new workouts come out).

I had a great deadlift workout today:
Deadlift 5x2 115, 225 (PR!), 225, 225, 215
Deadlift 1x5 200
Glute Bridge 6x6 200
Ab Wheel Rollout 6x6

I need to get a new barbell, I'm running out of room for plates! :)

I'm going to try to get in an UB workout tomorrow morning, but may not get a chance to report until Monday. (Sunday's a rest day.)
Happy 4th to the 4 of you!


Hi Lisa,
I have a quiet minute and just want to report today's workout so I don't forget later:

OH Press 5x2 75, 75, 80 (PR!), 75, 75
1x5 70
a) Dips 6x6
b) Chinups 6x6 ALL UNASSISTED! WOO! (though I'll be honest, they weren't all perfect form ;))
I find OH press the hardest to progress -- probably in large part due to the fact that the absolute numbers are lowest, so 5# is quite a big jump.

I finished with The Marrymaker -- dumbbells under 20 mins -- but actually took just about 10 mins. Fun, effective, and quick. The hang cleans into front squats are killer! I used two 30# dbs. PHEW!

Hi Roz!

How was your holiday? Ours was terrific and just as planned. I always feel victorious when my plans actually come to fruition, especially these days! ;)

Nice nice nice workouts! Back-to-back PRs = major high fives to you! And I just dig the names of all of the finisher workouts. Can't wait to get into them myself. You are rocking it!

STS TB is one I for sure need to revisit. I remember liking it a lot, but IIRC it uses the tower for pull-ups? I'm experiencing a major dread factor when I even think about pull-ups (one of the many reasons I give you a round of applause for the way you so consistently knock them out). Guess I need to get over that...

Great workouts to report. Saturday = Athletic Training. Sunday = long, leisurely walk. Monday = PS Legs & Abs. Holy smack, that floor work is incredibly tough with that 15lb body bar (I use my barbell bar since it's about the same weight). I will be weebling and wobbling for the next couple of days no doubt!

Kind of a stressful week this week. I have to go downtown several times for various appointments, which is such a daunting task. Leaving the house with 2 little ones is just hard. PLUS the traffic here is truly awful. The freeway system was clearly designed by drunken monkeys and is always under construction. That, combined with the very prevalent desire of local drivers to drive at least 5mph below the speed limit, just kills driving for me. Ugh. Thanks for letting me vent! ;) Anyway, if I seem grumpier this week you will know why!!!

Hope your week is off to a terrific start. I am hoping to get to my email inbox soon. Please forgive the ridiculous delay as you always do.

Mega major hugs!



Hi Lisa,
So glad to hear you had a great 4th -- so did we! :D

Fabulous work on all your workouts! Yeah, PS L&A is a toughie -- I remember that bodybar work (I also use our BB bar, which is 15 lbs) -- it's unique and tough!

Funny, I don't remember STS TB having pull-ups (why can't I write that without thinking of diapers?). I'm not saying it doesn't, I just don't remember them -- and I do remember being very frustrated with not being able to do the pull-ups in STS back (the tubing work just didn't do it for me). All this was before I got the power tower.
If you decide you want to include pull-ups or chin-ups in your routine (not that you should, but if you do), you might consider getting a pull-up assist band. I think mine was $13 or something, free shipping. It gives way more assistance than any band I have and could tie around the bar. Really helped me transition from flailing around in frustration to 'oh, I can actually do these now!'.
And definitely train chin-ups first (palms facing you) -- they are markedly easier. Not easy at all, but not as hard as pull-ups (palms facing away).

OK! Here are my workouts:
Sunday I wanted a quick bodyweight workout so I did The Oddball (bodyweight under 30). I skipped Jen's timing suggestion and just rested as needed (not much at all). It would have been too easy had I timed it as she suggested -- you might want to keep this in mind if you give this one a go. Actually, I'm finding I prefer to go at my own pace for most of her workouts. I rest when I need to, but don't feel obliged to rest on command.

Yesterday was squats:
Squat 5x2 165, 175(PR!), 175, 170, 165
1x5 145
a) Normally reverse lunges 6x6 but I did one set pistols, two sets Bulgarian split squats with 2x30# DBs, one set pistols, two sets split squats as before -- this worked out well!
b) Leg lifts on power tower 6x6

Today was bench press:
Bench Press 5x2 110#
1x5 100#
a) Suspended Pushups 6x6
b) Inverted Rows 6x6
Barbell Curls 4x10 50#

No PRs but lots of improvement! :)
Then I tacked on The Descent (minimal equipment under 20) and The Downward Slide (minimal equipment under 10). Matching titles are coincidental. ;) The whole thing took about 15 mins and was a great add-on.

I hope your errands this week aren't too bad with two in tow. Geez, I remember how tough it was to go out with a newborn, but with a newborn and an energetic toddler? Sheesh, I can't even imagine! Best wishes to you for that daunting undertaking.
Gotta run for now -- big hugs!
Hi Roz, just made it back from one of this week's journeys. Missed witnessing an automobile collision by a couple of minutes. Everyone was slamming their brakes to avoid the fresh debris. Not good. Grateful we missed it.

Terrific workouts! Are you feeling like you are on top of a mountain today, needing assistance climbing down? ;) I appreciate your insight on not following the suggested timing with precision. I was wondering about that.

I checked the awesome Cathe compendium and yes, STS TB does indeed have pull-ups (not of the toddler training variety:rolleyes:). Either way I need to do them and will hop over to Amazon to clickety-click and buy a band as you suggested. Thank you!

Today I did KCM's Get Ready, Step, Go. I wanted to do Steptastic Live but couldn't find the motivation to set up streaming this morning. Lazy!!!!!

What's new with you? Any plans you're looking forward to?

I'm getting really good at one-handed typing. Must add this to my resume!!! :)

Waving goodbye with one hand. Xs + Os! :cool:


Edited to ask: how are you getting along when you do pistol squats? Those intimidate me. And how is that pesky foot?
My friend, I'm here to report for the day! I did a 30 min KCM cardio premix from her Bootcamp DVD and then PS CST, matching or exceeding Cathe with the weights (hoorah!...even though I am fully confident she goes easy on herself in this series in terms of weight loads).

Hugs and waves!



Hi Lisa,
Great job on your workouts!
I only have a moment but want to say hi!! And hope your continued downtown errands have been manageable (I'm making no sense, I'm rather scattered today.)

Yesterday was just LWF2, I did the twister (I think that's what it's called), under 30 full gym (but really not that much stuff...). Great for a non-lifting day, as it was lots of core and not a lot to fatigue other muscles too much.

Today was deadlifts:
DL 5x2 225, 225, 225, 215, 215
1x5 205#
Glute bridge 6x6 205# (I did 3x12 because I need to make it more challenging but adding weight to the bar is annoying because I have to get out from under it! :D
Ab wheel 6x6 (saved this for after LWF2, in case I didn't have time)

I did 'Breathe and Burn', full gym under 30 mins. YIKES!!! I subbed DBs for sandbag and kbs, no problem. So fun, but a real toughie!

Tomorrow I'll take off lifting, probably. We'll see... gotta run!
Hugs, Roz
Roz, I'm with you on the scattered brain thing today. What the heck day is it? I'm tired and wearing my favorite perfume, Eau de Spit-Up. Yeah, it's that bad, ha!

Of course, more knock 'em dead workouts from the Roz-inator!!! Glute bridges are extra tricky because of the BB gymnastics involved. Hey, why don't we engineer a glute bridge rack, similar to the squat rack but for the bridges?! We could make millions! Er, or not, but at least we would enjoy using it!!!

Got a sleepy, post-vaccination baby in my arms. She cried the loudest, most red-faced shrieks of her life...for about 10 seconds. Then she stopped. She is just that awesomely calm. No tears even when her pediatrician was doing the usual nosing around. Bless my DD2 for her gentle disposition!!!

Still got in a workout today; another KCM 30 min cardio premix + PS BBA. I think the biceps work is the most challenging of all the PS UB sets.

Hope you're feeling great! Hugs to you and kisses to your little princess!


ETA: Awesome news! I got 3 legitimate, wide awake smiles from DD2. Her very first real ones. Melted my heart!
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Hi Lisa,
Oh no, so sorry to hear about the vaccination tears -- those are the worst! I always wished I could take them for my DD.
But yay yay yay for the big smiles! Those are the best. :)

Today I did 'The Inside Out' -- bodyweight under 30 from LWF2. It's an intermediate -- not too intense, but added some nice movement to my day. Also core-focused (not too much major load on UB or LB muscles) so it doesn't interfere with lifting. I'm loving the variety in this program -- it's really an outstanding program, IMO.

Tomorrow's UB. That's all for now!

Hope both your DDs are smiling (and sleeping well)!

Big hugs,
Roz, sounds like we both had smile-worthy workouts today! Way to go in your neck of the woods! I opted for Steptastic Live after having an unfulfilled Steptastic Live craving a couple days ago. This one just always makes me happy for some reason. Tomorrow will likely be the latest Cathe Live, Compound Giant Sets. Looks fun!

Have a wonderful Friday, my dear! :D

Hiya Roz! Loved my workout today! I ended up doing Compound Giant Sets and will definitely be revisiting this one. Very metabolic and just fun. Kinda felt like a short Afterburn without the dread factor. Cathe used 8lbs the whole time since she moved us along at a swift pace, but I was able to go up to 10s on some of the exercises.

Just got back from a mega Costco trip. I always loathe going there--maybe because I feel overwhelmed by how gigantic everything is, from the carts to the aisles to the product packaging? LOL! It's an accomplishment to conquer a Costco trip for sure! I am loving all the new organic products coming to Costco. Anyway, this pretty much sums up my day thus far: errands galore! Off to get more accomplished. I will be back on Monday!

Hugs! Have a terrific rest of your weekend.



Lisa, I totally share your love/hate relationship with Costco/BJs. Love the organics. When I look at the total I've spent, I'm always like... :eek:

The newest live sounds AWESOME! I will definitely give it a shot when I'm back On Demand... which will be when ICE comes out, if not sooner.

Two workouts to report:
Yesterday's UB
OH Press 5x2 80, 80, 80, 75, 75
OH Press 1x5 70
a) Parallel Bars Dips 6x6
b) Chinups
I added The One-Sided Wonder (DBs under 10) just to wind me a little more. :)

Today's LB
Squat 5x2 165
Squat 1x5 125 (but I really went asterisk-to-grass)
Leg lifts on power tower (I actually superset these with barbell squat sets)
Pistol Squats 6x6 (!!) -- loving these, but they bite and are a real challenge! I couldn't believe I did all 6 sets as pistols.
I don't think I answered your question about the foot -- it is feeling better now that I'm just avoiding lunges altogether. Hopefully it'll heal entirely and I can reincorporate them. (um... or maybe not?)

But I rewarded myself for all those pistols with a big ice cream in a waffle cone. :) I mean, I really needed the extra glycogen!! ;)

Big hugs, and see ya tomorrow!


Hi Lisa,
Hope you had a great rest day yesterday!
I had a LWF2 bonanza today...
warmed up with a few moves from one of the beginner bodyweight under 10 w/os (I forget which)
next was Bent Steel (DBs under 30)
then Delt Domination (DBs under 20), aptly named
then cooled down with crazy 8s (beginner BW under 10)

awesome workout! plenty of toddler-chasing breaks, otherwise kept it moving.
When you start LWF2, give Delt Domination a try... I think you'd like it! It's a shoulder-smouldering series of combos. I started with 15s -- ha! I had those 10s in hand before long.
Actually, this was a great combo of w/os for an all-metabolic day. Bent Steel has more big movements to get your heart pumping, then Delt Domination added some searing UB endurance work.

Hope you're well -- talk to ya soon!
Hugs, Roz
Hi Roz!

Terrific bunch of workouts for you! Argh, the shoulders! I totally relate to the "yeah, I can go for 15s here," only to be swiftly humbled by the need to drop to a lower weight! So glad you're loving LWF2. I'm still just tinkering around with Cathe and the other workouts I already have. We're still not quite on any kind of schedule yet so I feel like I can't get my workouts overly scheduled yet either. I think I'll have better mental and physical focus to tackle new workouts that have new-to-me moves when I'm getting more regular + routine sleep.

Today I opted for Flextrain (can't ever remember if it's one word or two). After having done this, I think I would describe the Compound Giant Sets Live as the offspring of Afterburn + Flextrain. The Flextrain chest to lunges w/discs to triceps sequence always brings me to puke status! Only a crazy fitness fanatic would actually almost enjoy that feeling. :) I know you can relate.

Had a great weekend over here! Glad to hear your foot is not being so ornery, but you have my 100% encouragement to stay away from those reverse lunges for a good long while. They are just too dangerous for that foot right now. ;)

Hugs right back to you and yours!



Hi Lisa,
Great job on Flextrain. I'm embarrassed to admit, I always wanted to try that one but never did. I think I was never sure how to fit it into my week -- it seemed like it might conflict with lifting, but I was never really sure so I guess I just never tackled it! Oh well, next time around!

I'm resting today, although I did a 45-minute-or-so yoga practice. Just my own. I gotta say, I think DYP is a good program, but I just prefer to do yoga on my own. Sigh. It could be worse! :) Anyways, it felt great, and I will probably lift tomorrow -- beginning my second-to-last week of BBA (but last week of heavy heavy stuff, as the final week is deload).
The yoga felt fab. It always does, and I always tell myself I need to work more of it into my week. Sigh again.

I totally understand not wanting to tackle a brand-spankin'-new program when you're so tired and busy with a new baby! You'll enjoy it when you get there -- you were just being smart to get it while it was on sale. ;)

That's all for today -- more tomorrow.
Hugs, Roz
I totally understand not wanting to tackle a brand-spankin'-new program when you're so tired and busy with a new baby! You'll enjoy it when you get there -- you were just being smart to get it while it was on sale. ;)

Yep, I'm a genius when it comes to purchasing lots workout programs! ;) I like the way you think!

Oh if there were only more time in the day for all we would like to do. Glad you got in some yoga today, which is way better than my never ever fitting yoga in. See, just think of me and you'll feel better. :) Sorry DYP has been a stinker for the most part. Is it too late to return it?

I think Flextrain is more metabolic than anything else. I never really get sore from it, hence me being able to reach for XTrain Legs today. Granted that is not a heavy weight workout by any means but it still burns in a way I couldn't manage with major leg DOMS.

Not a good night last night. Poor DD1 woke up with the stomach bug. Praying no one else gets it, esp DD2.

Hugs to you, my dear.


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