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Well, I'm almost 6 weeks with my first (and only) at 31. What were those books again for working out during your pregnancy? I'm a cathe step girl and did Step Works yesterday without too many problems, had to slow down on the last segment. This is a shock/surprise, my husband is happy and my parents are tickled. Gotta find an ob doctor and all that good stuff as well.

Cathe Friedrich

Congratulations Traci !

Wow, isn't it neat actually hearing the doctor say that you are pregnant. Especially so for you, since you said that yours was a shock/surprise. Goosebump city! I'm happy for you. This is a wonderfully exciting time for you, hubby, and family. I'm feeling your joy radiate right through the computer screen. Have fun with all the pregnancy homework ahead of you. I remember at first feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the things that I had to have done, but it all happens gradually PLUS your excitement about the whole pregnancy thing makes it so much more fun.

The two books that I recommend for the exercising/pregnacy topic are: 1) Exercising through your pregnancy by James Clapp 2) Essential exercises for the childbearing year(4th edition)by Elizabeth Noble.

Remember to use perceived exertion tests while you workout. Listen to your body daily and adjust your workouts accordingly. On your strong days, you can push a little harder but never go to anaerobic levels. Also, interval workouts are not a wise choice during pregnancy. Stay hydrated at all times, especially while you work out. Water should be your best friend now! Good luck!



it is always neat to get a post from you, i can imagine it when i'm working out. thanks for answering a question i was thinking that interval work is out of the picture. i'm in the shell-shock state at all i have to get done.

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