Jillian Michaels Body Revelution


If anyone has this set, please give me your opinion. I will be done with the STS program by Cathe and looking to add something new, yet progressively challenging to my collection. The YouTube videos on this series is mostly either from the first DVD or just a brief overview of the entire collection. I want to know just how difficult the program gets.



I did Jillian Michael's Body Revolution and I really liked it. It was before I did STS--but after I'd done P90X/Insanity/Chalene Extreme, etc. It is different from other programs, but it is classic Jillian--which I like. She does fast past circuit training that alternates strength with cardio and really burns calories during a short workout. The program is progressive--starts really easy (phase 1 and 2 I used all the advanced modifiers) but gets very advanced in phase 3--I rarely used an advanced modifier in Phase 3. I did the program as laid out, but because of the length of the workouts I did it as my doubles workout every day. So in the morning I would do longer workouts like Insanity or Peak 10 workouts or Cathe's cardio workouts, then in the afternoons I would do Jillian's Body Revolution workout.

I wrote a blog post about it you can check out if you're interested that covers the program in detail (I even break the workouts down): Jillian Michaels Body Revolution | 2 Lazy 4 the Gym

Hope this helps!

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