isculpt ballet?


Hi, I was interested in downloading these workouts and I was wondering if anybody had any favorites? Also do you need a barre to do these workouts or can you subsitute with a chair? Thanks for any info!!
You'll probably get some great replies here, but I have also seen a lot of discussion about this at the Video Fitness website - I think if you do a search under the general discussion forum for iballet over there you will find a lot of good recommendations. I've been eyeing these workouts too, they sound great! In my case it would require me to buy an Ipod, and I'm SO enjoying being the only person in the US without one, not sure I want to give up the title LOL. Anyhow, good luck, and enjoy!
I've been doing Iballet pretty regularly and I absolutely love them. My current favorites are #10, 11, 12, 15, and 16. I also love the Isculpt Traditional workouts #4, 5, and 9. These are similiar to Iballet, but they incorporate some upper body work. These workouts are tough, but my body is really leaning out since I've been using them. You get printouts with every workout you purchase so you know what the moves should look like. I do have an mp3 but I don't use it for these workouts. I just burn them directly to cd so I can keep them without loading up my mp3 with them. Plus it's easier to play the cd and not deal with the mp3 while I'm working out.

The absolute best thing about any of the Itrain workouts is that you can mix and match different sections of different workouts. I've been stringing together different sections of different Iballets/trad that I love to make some killers, kick butt workouts. Personally I love them. If you're interested in trying them use these codes to get three free: AH2007, CW2007, and YL2007.

Also here is a link that has reviews for all Itrain workouts:
I want to try the iballet too but worry about the difficulty following an audio. I have never taken dance. Is it hard to follow? I can't see the diagrams before ordering. I worry I'll spen the entire time confused about what I should be doing.
Well, you are one of two people who don't own an ipod :)

I had a friend download them for me (I'm computer stupid) and burn them to a cd. I put them in my stereo, and watch closed caption tv while working through the pain.

You get used to an audio workout, and actually they are pretty cool because you can focus more instead of worrying about watching what they are doing on tv. Grace explains everything pretty well.

Fuzzie over at VF has broken down all the iballets (do a search). The latest ones, Nip/Tuck and the magic circle (from hell) ones, are killer.


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