Is this wrong to use an resistance band

I was at the gym, doing my Cathe step and I saw a trainer showing a woman to put the resistance band around her neck. I thought he was wrong to let her squat like this. It look similar to this, but it was really around her neck. What do you all think?


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Thank you. It is amazing to see that a gym doing weights wrong. I couldn’t believe this was a trainer doing this. That is one thing, even if you use a trainer you have to watch out.
You can also hold the band in front of you at your shoulders as well. That way as you come up out of the squat, you can do an overhead press as well (or not).

I’ve seen lots of bad form at the gym, from trainers and gym goers. Have you heard of Jeff Cavalier? If you google Athlean-x you’ll find him. He’s a PT and he’s made lots of videos about correct form, how to correct your form, and gives advice about lifting. He’s great. I’ve been following him for a while and have used some of his tips to correct my form.

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