I'm in love...


With Supersets/ Push & Pull!!! I just got it this month because of the March discounts, and I adore it. ADORE it! Supersets is my favorite. For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing HIIT and Tabata two days a week (HIIT one day Tabata one) and in between Supersets/ Push & Pull and then a couple of steady-state runs. It's been the best rotation!

I love the way Supersets/ Push & Pull makes every body part feel worked out but I don't feel completely zonked after the workouts or have killer DOMS the next day -- especially since those days are followed by such vigorous cardio workouts.

OK, just had to gush on my new Cathe workouts! I *heart* them!

What's yall's favorite new workouts?


Ditto on Pyramids, especially the upper body. I also really like Supersets/PushPull. If I'm tired, those two don't seem as daunting, yet you get a really great total body workout with both. And let me tell you, that DVD has some of the best premixes on any of the DVDs. The premixes will fry you if you feel like it that day!!


Ooh! I haven't done the premixes yet! :)

Now you enablers have me thinking I need to buy the pyramids! Don't have those!!! Do I need them if I have Slow & Heavy and the Gym Styles?


Yeah, these are my go to workouts, love them. As a matter of fact I did push/pull today and added HIIT 40/20 at the end.

Good times :)


I use pyramid upper body on its own or with other weight workouts e.g. Pyramid Upper Body Chest with Slow and Heavy Chest or with CTX chest when doing split routines. I got this idea from fitnessfreak and love the results.

I would say I use PUB/PLB more than any other single DVD.

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