If you were attending the Daytona Road Trip what question would you ask....


during the Q&A with Cathe?

I would ask "How many workout outfits/clothes do you have and how/where do you keep them?"

Considering my personal workout clothing collection is kind of out of control because I hate to get rid of pieces that I really like, plus I really LOVE buying new pieces; I often wonder "what the heck does Cathe do with all of her workout clothes?"



This is a great question as she seems to have a new outfit for all her live workouts. I just use old shorts/tshirts so I don't have too many outfits. I did buy a couple when I was taking classes outside of the house but since I changed jobs I had to quit the gym.


I would ask her if she does additional exercise outside of teaching her classes and filming videos. Just curious if she does any “body building.” Does she use the weight machines at her gym.

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