I am so excited to be able to meet my inspiration and personal coach


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Hi Cathe,

I do not come onto to the forums much, but I have every one of your DVDs shy of 2. I bought my first DVD, Imax, in 2000 and I was hooked! You have been my inspiration and personal coach for 11 years and I owe my love of fitness (and my biceps lol) to you. I finally made it to the road trip this year and the best part is that registration was on my 44th birthday. It is the best birthday present I ever had. A few months ago I lent a new co-worker one of your DVD's and needless to see she became a fan too, so she made it into the road trip as well. I had to tell my boss we would both be out on Friday, but luckily he works out 6 days a week so he completely understood. I had microfracture surgery on my right knee 4 months ago which was a bummer and I had to modify my workouts alot but I am getting stronger everyday and I have 5 more months to get even stronger! After the microfracture surgery, I could not bear any weight on the right leg for a month and a half but what saved me mentally was the STS Hypertrophy DVDs I had. I was able to do the chest, shoulders, tri-ceps, and back and biceps. I had my girlfriend put dumbbells on a step with risers next to my weight bench so I could just reach over grab them without getting up. Thank you!!!

Love, Dina
I totally agree Dina! She's the BEST out there! How fun you have a co- worker to join you! You are both going to have a blast at the RT!
I can tell you from past experience you are doing to have a blast. That's cool that you and your co-worker are coming together.


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