How to make your own pull-up bar


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I just wanted to share the design, parts list, and pictures of a pull-up bar that we made about a month ago for our home gym. It is a ceiling mounted bar, but it could be just as easily mounted to the wall. All you have to do is find the studs and mount this puppy up. I was inspired by a couple of different designs on the forums, and I did not want to spend alot of money on a pre-made bar. This was a FUN weekend project. We also hung a heavy bag that day. At any rate, here you go.... (also posted on my blog I built this out of necessity since I wanted to do a complete P90X rotation (which I am LOVIN'). I am not able to do a full body weight pull-up yet, so I do band assisted pull-ups with Iron Woody Bands. I'll post some pictures of those later.

Parts List: Here's our Home Depot shopping list for the bar:

Qty Descr Total Price
---- --------------------------------------- ------------
1 2x6 Piece of wood $3.98
1 8-pc drill bit set $4.97
2 3/4" galvanized 90-degree elbows $2.00
2 3/4" galvanized flages $6.54
1 3/8" drill bit adaptor $2.48
4 Wood Lag Screws $3.92
2 3/4 x 18 Black Pipe $6.86
1 3/4 x 48 Black Pipe $5.98
8 3/8 x 31 Lag Screws $2.70
$39.43 + tax

Block Diagram:

Putting it together:

The final product

Iron Woody Band

Doing assisted pull-up with the band

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Thanks for sharing! Too bad my dh and I already bought our pull-up bar from Beachbody when we ordered P90X. Best wishes on doing unassisted pull-ups and chin-ups! I was finally able to do them when I started my 2nd round of the X. You'll probably get there faster using the iron woody bands!!!!


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